Feeling lucky?  

rm_backallycat 43M
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7/10/2006 10:20 pm
Feeling lucky?

Not sure exactly what I should try and tell my fellow friendfinders except that you all should keep on finding and maybe, just maybe you will get lucky.
Now luck is a word that is too easily abused in todays society, sadly these days if something good happens to you it is considered lucky,not self made,not worked for and definately in other peoples' eyes not deserved, when did selfishness start to make the rule of thought? I wish I seen that coming, unlucky I guess that it leaves me in a minority. Altough thinking of others is not a crime, we do get punished for it, there will now always be people out there to abuse your good nature and in the process changing how we think about others, which in my mind is not a very pleasant thought at all but I have a heart and a soul so I as every other creature on this Earth can and will adapt to what our life throws at us.
I have been fortunate enough to expierience true happiness in my life and I recommend it to one and all, it is possible with a fair mixture of honesty, humility and dare I say it luck but a lot of work is involved and sometimes it seems it is impossible to reach, hang in there and fight for your happiness without hurting others and sit back and enjoy the results.
Enough for now, I will say goodbye now and wish you all a lot of luck with your finding,
stay real

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