Welcome to my harem  

rm_babyboomer26 67M
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8/25/2006 6:09 am

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9/28/2006 4:55 am

Welcome to my harem

I'm SO Excited!

It's here! My very own GROUP. I mean I get to be the moderator and everything. It's even got its own chat room for God's sake. This is just so neat! And not only that, I get to have my very own personal harem. How cool is that? (Eat your hearts out guys.)

Due to numerous requests from people of the female persuasion, I have opened Boomer Harem. I cordially invite all women and eunuchs to join in the fun and debauchery. Sorry, good looking guys are not admitted. We have a very large (6'8", 520 lbs.) bouncer guarding the door.


Group Name: Boomer Harem
National Anthem: Rock the Casbah
Poet Laureate: Maria Muldaur

JuicyBBW1001 56F

8/25/2006 9:47 am

I was there too and it said this group not available to members and to think I was just there to get my boobs back.


rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/25/2006 1:58 pm:
I think it was getting top heavy with all the boobs rushing in. Yours were probably the two that broke the camel's back, so to speak. I'll let you know when it's back online, Juice.


SensuousWoman3 56F
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8/27/2006 4:42 am

Oh, my gosh! That is so great! LOL! I thought it was a joke at first! Boomer Harem---how you ever got that through I don't know, but good on you!

I LOVE the national anthem: Rock the Casbah!

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/27/2006 11:33 am:
The anthem started out as Midnight at the Oasis, but I changed it to Rock the Casbah.


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