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rm_babyboomer26 68M
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8/24/2006 2:22 pm

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5/12/2008 9:43 pm

Make me an offer

As I mentioned previously, I have accumulated a bunch of AdultFriendFinder "points." How I got them, Lord knows. But I do know I don't NEED them since I'm a paid-up member until August, 2007.

And when I'm finally successful uploading a few video introductions, I'll have a few gazillion more.

Since these are obviously a valuable commodity to you cheapskate STANDARD members, I am offering my AdultFriendFinder points to the highest bidder. I'll sell them all to one person or break them into smaller lots.

Just to remind you how precious these points are here is all the good stuff you can buy with them:

How many profiles do you want to view?Free for Premium Members!
Become a Featured Member on Search Pages 50 pts per day
Highlight your profile for 1 month!1000 pts
1 month Private Chat room!1000 pts
1 Month Gold!4000 pts
1 Night of ecstasy with Boomerpriceless

I currently have 234,680 AdultFriendFinder points available for sale. Make me an offer.


rm_babyboomer26 68M
898 posts
8/24/2006 2:26 pm

Just a reminder, only PREMIUM members can see the pictures in posts. If you purchased just a measley 4,000 of my points you could see this Dick picture:


TickleMeBBW 37F

8/24/2006 3:11 pm

I've got points, I dunno what to do with them

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/24/2006 8:35 pm:
Any extra points you don't need, send 'em to me. I'll sell them.


rm_dimples565 69F
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8/24/2006 4:45 pm

How in the world did you rack up that many points?

I like the priceless ones for 1 night of estacy with Boomer. {=}

Hell you could visit your fantasy woman with all those points.

A Drama Free Blog with Smiles


rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/24/2006 8:36 pm:
Yes, you realize priceless means it doesn't cost anything, right?


redrobin012057 61F

8/24/2006 4:49 pm

You haven't many selections there to chose from Boomer....oh decisions...... decisions....... decisions.Let me think about it and I'll get back to you.

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/24/2006 8:37 pm:
How come you have a reputation as being a fast woman Robin?


rm_sexxikritter 53F
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8/24/2006 7:29 pm

She offered her honor
He honored her offer
And all night long
It was honor and offer.

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/24/2006 8:40 pm:
There was a young lad from Nantucket...


JuicyBBW1001 56F

8/25/2006 9:43 am

    Quoting rm_Ineedit560:
    Boomer, I had no idea you had a tricky Dicky like that! You're full of surprises.
Aint he though he steals boobs and granny's and has sex with raggedly ann and andy. See I have a sense of humor too. .
Oh and I have looked south and still can't get the twins to come home.


rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/25/2006 2:10 pm:
That's 'cause the twins LIKE it here. I pet 'em a lot.


rm_SusieQ27 47F
2093 posts
8/31/2006 1:04 am

Cheapo standard members, indeed|!!!

Ok, you've piqued my interest...just HOW did you come by so many points.

Do your harem offer up all their points to you, in return for your pimping...of their blogs..whatever did you think I meant?...not their bodies!!! Tut,tut,tut...that was very naughty of you!

Luv n stuff Susie

rm_babyboomer26 replies on 8/31/2006 3:14 pm:
You know how it is. All my women wine me and dine me and give me all their points. I can't help it.


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