G'Day, All  

rm_b2dnar 63M
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5/3/2006 2:48 pm
G'Day, All

As I begin my trek into my second half of a century, I have come to re-evaluate a number of perspectives on issues I once thought were well defined.

Electronic communication has greatly broadened the opportunity to interact with other, like-minded (and some not-so-like-minded) souls.

Obviously quite new to this form of interaction - still "feeling" my way around. But I must admit, it's a nice diversion from the world of P&L statements and Balance Sheets!

One significant drawback I can see, from my limited viewpoint, is that, as a Standard member, I cannot make direct contact with a number of quite interesting members on this site. It seems that the only way is to catch them either chatting or on IMC, and attempt to strike up a conversation. A bit of hit or miss, and a spot awkward - as I cannot read their profile. I may be addressing someone who's preferences are not inline with my own.

Am I correct in my assumptions - or (being raised before the days of the TRS 80) am I missing that "magic button" somewhere that allows access?

Thanks to all -

from a Southern Gentleman (aka a Transplanted Yankee)

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