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3/27/2005 2:35 am

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Kei Sawaguchi

Kei Sawaguchi (pictured) is one of my favorite Japanese porn stars. She's got small well-shaped boobs and a slim physique, an ideal body configuration for my sexual preference. Her face is very sweet as well.

In one of her porn videos, Kei is taking a bath, playing with floating soap bubbles. When she spots someone peeping at her, she says, "Come in, peeping boy. Take a bath together and play something sexual." She even starts masturbating. She's a Godess!

When the peeper gets naked, Kei starts her blow job. Then the role is switched with her pussy being sucked. When she almost comes, she stops him and says, "Let's go to my bedroom."

The guy wipes water from her body with towel, saying, "You're soaking wet between legs." Kei grabs the towel-covered sticking part of the guy and takes him to her bedroom.

Kei's lying on her back on bed with her pussy being sucked. She's aroused a lot, moaning and moaning. Then the role is switched; Kei again gives him a blow job.

Finally, the two becomes one in the missionary position. The guy is pounding her very quickly. They change the position into the lady on top and back into the missionary. Before the guy comes, Kei reaches her ecstacy. A few minutes later, the guy ejaculates onto her breasts. Kei is out of breath for a while. The guy asks her, "Can I come and peep at you again?" Kei replies with her cute smile, "Yes you can."

I wish she lived next door and I could peep at her every day.

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