Azusa Ayano  

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3/30/2005 1:07 am

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Azusa Ayano

I usually don't like busty women. It's just yuk, gross. But Azusa Ayano (pictured) is different probably because she has a very slim body. (What I don't like about busty women is they are rather fat!)

One of her porn video is as follows:

First, you are listening to a sales pitch by a guy from a underwear maker. Sitting next to this guy is Ayano, the designer of this new bras and knickers. She wears a white tight blouse under which her huge breasts are about to explode.

Then Ayano wears the bras and knickers in the shower room as a demonstration with lotion all over her body. (Yes, it's silly. But who cares? This is a porn video.) You're allowed to touch her breasts. Ayano says, "It's soothing to the touch, isn't it? It's because of the fabric used for the bras." Then she starts moaning but still insists it's the effect of the bras. Now you're asked to touch her between-legs. She also lets your foot touch her boobs and pussy. Finally she starts breast-relief. This is amazing. Your cock is totally out of sight between her boobs. After you ejaculate, she licks your discharged load.

I like the way she talks. She speaks with a slight lisp. That's arousing.

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