its late  

rm_ayeRoman 36M
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9/12/2006 1:06 am
its late

you're laying back against the couch, the back of your wrist against your forehead as you sigh in lonely anticipation.

bang bang bang! the door goes. I'm here.

You rush to the door but open it ever so slowly and beckon me to the couch. The part where you're in control is over now. I'm here.

I hold you to the couch and I push my hot tongue through your lips as we collapse together. My big cock, which incidentally is rock hard, can be felt growing against your thigh. I practically rip your shirt open as I work my way past your neck and ears. My warm breath is traveling. Past your bra strap to your electrified nipples. My hands are ravaging you all the while. Reaching places you like. Places that get you red-hot aching horny. Getting you wet. That hand on your thigh? Before you realize it will plunge itself deep into your little panties. You won't notice at first because your tongue is trying wage war against mine. Then: you'll notice. The little curious moans will break up your kissing. Softly at first, but as I work your clit and pop those pussy lips you won't be able to kiss. All you'll be able to do is put your head against my shoulder and moan softly in my ear. I'll be kissing your neck. I'll be rubbing your clit. I'll be getting you ready to fuck my thick seven and a half inches of cock.


My big arms have got your arms pinned behind your head; like a fucking lock. Your legs writhe loosely against me while I pull off your little panties.

"I'm going to fuck you until you cum like volcano" I whisper harshly in your ear.

You throw me a sinsiter little grin. But then I thrust my dick inside of you.

"oh!" you open your mouth to moan.

My greased cock shakes you apart but my hands hold you down. If Im fucking you from on top I'll be holding you down. If I'm fucking you like a little dirty dog I'll be holding you down. If I want to fuck against a desk I'll be holding you down.

Then I'll put a pint of hot cum all over your body.

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