Temporiary Leaving of Absense  

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5/30/2006 8:46 pm

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Temporiary Leaving of Absense

Few months ago, I was diagnosised with pappillary thyroid cancer, BUT it's curable. After all the tests, the surgeon (even Chef of Surgeon) decided that it's inoperable by their "book". The vein is in the way of 3 enlarged cancerous nodules in my thyroid gland. I could die on the operation table w/ "throat cut". High risk. The alterative optional treatment will be radioactive (nuclear) iodine that will kill my thyroid cancer cells. Being isolated at the hospital is required for this treatment.

I was supposed to be in the Philadelphia hospital for this treatment last April with my pre-approved insurance coverage for my hospital stay, etc....WITHOUT paying for the treatment. I had it postponded, because I wasn't too happy with my insurance that I even work for. The doc had to write a letter to my insurance company explaining why this treatment would be my best bet. The nuclear "pill" is new and it costs @ $1,000-$1,500. Still, they won't cover. Grrrr! I was told that I had to contact the Amercian Cancer Society. Ugh...hassle for me. I didn't even want any charity from them. I mean I'd prefer that they support those cancer patients who need them rather than my condition which is curable.

NOW, I know why my insurance won't pay for this treatment. Since the new "pill" to swallow is in lieu of iodine "liquid" to drink, it is very expensive. I was asked to go back to the old routine w/ liquid iodine. I'd take it then. Now, I'm rescheduled to be isolated on Thursday morning and will be home on Saturday morning. I'm not allowed any visitor, especially with children, babies & pregnant women. My treatment would expose everybody's healthy thyroid gland. Yeah, I researched everything. I can't even bring my laptop or SideKick II. After my hospital stay, they'll have to dispose any book or magazine that I'll plan to bring. I even asked for a room with see-thru window where I could talk with my visitors in sign language or note to write, LOL.

Ok, anyway, you all may not see my posts for a while (maybe a week). I know I'm going to miss you all. I guess I'll have alot to catch up when I'll be back here. (I'll check here for one more time tomorrow.)


P.S. The reason why I'm writing this is because it may be informative for anyone you know. Give them this advise.


6/12/2006 9:56 pm

I write grants and have from the ACS. That is not charity is is money from the governent (our taxes) and donations and the ACS is to combat Cancer and that is you. Healing blessing to you! {=}

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