Wedding #2  

rm_atstepchild 42M
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8/26/2006 11:16 pm
Wedding #2

I did my second wedding today. A friend from High School's daughter. I worked with him for over 4 years, and we were close friends for over 6, then drifted apart as life took me into a family and work took over. I knew his daughters as just little girls, now see them as the young women they are. I don't think I did as well as I should have, I stumbled on one part. I ended up doing the vast majority of the choreography for the ceremony and the following reception. No one there believed it was only my second wedding, and that my first was just last month. I have a third lined up for the middle of next month. I still have many details to work out on it. I have the basic speach done and approved, but I need to double check the other items, such as location, time and extraneous. I left for work this morning around 8:30, got back to the warehouse around 4, got changed so I could run over to the ceremony (which was held at my old high school), and left the reception at 8:45 to go back to work and help finish up. As usual, no one had any difficulty hearing me, even though it was an outdoor ceremony like the last one, but with more than 3 times the people in attendance. Volume has never been an issue with me. After everything was done, I went to karaoke for a couple hours. I normally help tear everything down after my friends' show. I only helped get the larger stuff gathered up and manageable, then came home. I'm tired, my feet are killing me and I will probably have to go into work tomorrow to set up 5 computers from scratch. I had at least 3 people ask if I would do their weddings. I made sure I gave non-committal answers. I never intended to do many of them. In fact, I only got ordained and registed so I could do one for a friend.

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