Thank God For Friends  

rm_atstepchild 42M
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8/9/2006 4:31 pm
Thank God For Friends

An ex of mine and her fiance called yesterday. He was going out of town and asked if I would be willing to be 'on call' in case she needed anything while he was gone. I know how that sounds, but there is not sexual overtones with her. We dated for 2 out of 3 years in high school and college, but those days are well behind us. I agreed, as if there was any doubt. She followed this request up by asking if I had anything going on on Thursday night, the first day he was going to be out of town. I said no, so she asked if I wanted to go hang out with her, since the first day he's gone is always the hardest for her. (I know, it can be a little nauseating.) I agreed and asked who all she was planning on having over, expecting a usual grocery list of friends. I was a little surprised, not much, but a little, to find out that it was just going to be her, me and a friend they have been talking about for a while that they would love for us to meet. Both of them swear that we would get along great. She is a dancer, and looking to start a company selling clothes to dancers. They are helping her to get it off the ground. She sounds very intelligent and very beautiful from their descriptions. Anyway, she called back today and said he was actually going out of town today, wondering if I would be able to push the outing up a day to tonight. Not having a full schedule for a change, I agreed. They think she is dancing tonight, so we will most likely go visit her at work. I have no luck on my own, and they don't like seeing me single for this long, and they see what it does to me. Pity is a great catlyst for dating aids. (PLEASE NOTE: NOT A.I.D.S.!!!!!)

Speak of the demoness now, asking when I'm showing up. GTG.

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