No Surprise  

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8/10/2006 8:20 pm
No Surprise

The expected meeting did not occur last night. I met up with my friend, but her friend did not materialize because she had too much work to do on her side job. I can't say as I was the least bit surprised by this. So we went out and had a decent time by ourselves. I shot pool (by myself and won every time) while she mingled with old friends. I know she can't wait for her man to get back home, and he's only been gone one day now.
We are supposed to go see her friend at work tomorrow. I just hope I don't get home from work too late to accomplish that. I do look forward to meeting her. Even if nothing clicks with us, I can always use another friend in my already huge stable of friends and immediate contacts.

I went to my first child support meeting today, and it went better than expected. I planned on getting nailed since I have paid her by check all along instead of going through the courts. They were fine with everything and seemed to work with us. They postponed the final decision until November. My ex was not happy with how much they wanted me to pay, saying it was way too much. She is more interested in going after the dads who never got involved, but just wants mine to be official. We just have to go through a couple hoops to get it set at a mutually agreeable level.

Well, here's to another long week (weekend too).

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