Long Day  

rm_atstepchild 41M
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7/23/2006 8:08 pm
Long Day

Spent the day up NE of Cleveland at a Renaissance Festival. My brother and his girlfriend went up also. Typical Ohio weather, it rained when we first got there. I thought nothing of it, but she was sulking the whole time because of it. For some reason, she acted like I should have kept an umbrella in the car, and was pissed that I didn't. I haven't used an umbrella in years. If it rains, I get wet, when the sun comes out, I dry off. I gave her a hard time when we were getting tickets because she was all huddled up looking like a drowned puppy. Of course I am going to joke with her some, especially when she makes such a big deal about it. C'est le vie. It's Ohio, it rains. You're outdoors, you get wet.

I had a pretty good time, regardless if she did or not. My brother wasn't overly into it, but that didn't surprise me any either. I didn't get as into a lot of the stuff as I usually do. I've noticed that, like sex, you can only get into something as much as the ones you are with. I did one round of the fencing, but none of the other games of skill, didn't eat a whole lot, and didn't drink much. I did go to what they called a beer school. It was not overly impressive. An old guy talked a little, supposedly about some of the processess, history, etc of beermaking. It was almost impossible to hear him, and when we could, he didn't act like he really had a clue what he was talking about. We sampled 10 different types of celtic beer, about 4 ounces of each. To say they were celtic beers was kind of a stretch for a few of them. There were the expected ones, like New Castle (English), Bass, Harp, Guinness and a few others I had heard the name of, but not familiar with (Irish) and Killians (not Irish since 1950). There was even one from Cleveland which is not on the market yet. How that one was considered Celtic, I haven't a clue. General concensus was that they should give up on that formula before they even start to market it. It tasted horrible.

I doubt seriously I'll make it back to that festival this year, but I should make it down to Ceasar's Creek (1 hour away as opposed to 3 hours away) later on when they start up. Call it a hint, but I won't be going with my brother's girlfriend. I guess she's still pissed at me for making fun of her.

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