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8/17/2006 9:13 pm

I will have 70-75 hours in by this weekend, I believe. Today I had not planned on going in to work, but our company van was on the fritz, and the other guy had to take his wife in to the doctor, so I filled in for a while. After the last 3 days, I was exhausted. As soon as I got off work, I came home and crashed for a couple of hours. I only had about 4 phone calls during my 2 hour nap. My boss told me to turn my phone off, but I never do, and I always answer it. I don't know why he thinks that may change now.

The woman living with me is doing very well at work. She seems to like this new job, and is working hard at it. For right now, it means I have to get up a little earlier, but if she is making progress, so be it. I told her earlier that since she is doing so well, I would give her a message tomorrow when I got home from work to help get her tension out. I picked up some message oils for that today. She seemed in favor of it, probably because she has been so tense. I would bet she will make sure her cousin is not here tomorrow night, but would not place money on it. Whether she is here or not, I would still be willing to go through with it. I doubt seriously that anything would come out of it sexually anyway, since I still don't believe she has an interest in me. I am not the bad boy, hardcore partier type that she has gravitated to in the past. Even so, I think I still fall in the "I don't want to take the chance of hurting our friendship" bracket.

Well, off to bed so I can get up early yet again.

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