humm wait buddy dont blame me ...........  

rm_atripta 36M
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3/31/2006 9:50 am
humm wait buddy dont blame me ...........

humm wait buddy dont blame me because i m a little bit confused.why shouldnt i be because does the word satisfaction comes to ur life??no no u r shaking head and telling wht this buddy is telling??is he mad??but ask ur heart r u truly satisfied with the partner or frnd or the person u r having affair , sex or company.tell others and share u r tohought .we also wanna know ur experiences .wht do u say frnds??

itishpitishdhaka 42M

6/1/2006 7:21 am

Hi Atripto, do you remember chatting with someone with a nick name orchidd02. Seen ur dick pic before, just seen your pic in the profile, if u are interested send me offline messages.



orchidd02, dipu+bd2

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