First Meeting  

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8/9/2006 5:57 pm

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First Meeting

As promised here's a little story about a first meeting.....

U get my email and quickly reply that you can meet me tonight, we agree a pub to meet at and I decide to take my van to meet you.

I pull up in the car park just as you arrive and we say hello and go into the pub for a drink in a quiet corner.

We chat for ages and get on great, before we realise its time to leave and we are the last ones out of the pub, we have so much more to talk about and you suggest we sit in a car to continue. We go sit in your car and continue to talk, you naughtily start to stroke my thigh and lean towards me as we chat. I can't help but notice your short skirt and what appear to be stockings underneath and you notice my eyes looking down often at your nylon covered legs, I try to hide my glances but you are so close to me and its obvious that you are having quite a large effect on me as I seem to keep losing the thread of conversation with the distractions.

Like the bad girl you are you decide to tease me even more and start to play with the hem of your top that is low cut and showing quite a large part of your breasts. You can tell that your techniques are starting to not only have an effect on me but on yourself as you feel your nipples harden slightly against the material of your bra.

I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate now and make a comment on how nice your legs look in stockings and ask if I can touch, you nod and I gently start to stroke your leg above the knee. You lean towards me and we have a first gentle kiss that reveals we could well be well matched and equally eager for more of each other. My hand starts to slide up the inside of your leg and I play with the line of material at the top of your stocking, in reaction your legs begin to part slightly and we kiss again this time more deeply and with more passion. You can now feel the tips of my fingers stroking the skin above your stocking on your inner thigh and your legs begin to instinctively move apart some more, inviting me to probe further with my eager fingers.

I feel the hand you have on my leg move up towards the top of my legs and gently come to rest on the crotch of my jeans, you can feel with your hand that you were indeed having quite an effect on me! I push my hand further up your skirt and it begins to ride even higher revealing both your legs and the crotch of your panties which I start to rub and caress gently with my fingers. we continue to kiss and you begin to press harder with your hand on my jeans feeling how hard I am and beginning to rub the end of my cock with your fingers through my jeans.

My fingers find the edge of the crotch of your panties and I push one inside feeling the wetness of your pussy as I break off from kissing you and begin to kiss and caress the side of your neck and throat. I find your labia and part them with my fingers pushing one deep inside as you slide down the seat to allow me access and your legs part some more. You suddenly feel the need to have my cock in your mouth and quickly undo the top and zip of my jeans and lean over into my lap, I feel your wet lips cover the end of my cock and your tongue starting to circle the end of it. I have to withdraw my hand from you for you to lean over and as your head begins to move rythymically in my lap I reach round your bottom and pull the back of your skirt up around your waist reaching under your bottom to once more insert a finger in your wet pussy from behind. You mouth is wet and feels so good over my hard cock I can now hear slurping and sucking noises as you work your mouth harder on me. I begin to push my finger in and out of you pussy spreading the wetness out over you pussy lips and loving the feel of the slippery wetness on my fingers.

I cannot wait to have you any longer and say to you "come on lets go get in the back of my van. You agree eagerly and we both dress and get out of the car, I unlock the van doors and help you in pulling the doors shut behind me. as I turn round I can see you have pulled your skirt up around your waist and your panties are hanging just around your ankle on one leg. You lean expectantly face forward against the side of the van and push your bottom out in invitation. My trouser are around my ankles in a few seconds and I move up against you from behind. You feel my hard cock against the cheeks of you bottom and look round and say "come on fuck me now like this" I need no second invitation and holding my cock in my right hand to push it under your legs start to rub the end of it against your pussy lips searching for entry. I find you and push with my hips as my cock slides deeply inside you.


slvr1962 55F

9/5/2006 9:26 am

AT. It's a good description of an erotic meeting. But I don't enjoy this sort of thing. It's not interactive enough. I like stories where I can get involved. Otherwise it's just listening to someone else's fantasy.


stragella 56M/50F

10/11/2006 11:14 am

Nice fantasy hon, Not much room for anyone else tho. Hope you get what your looking for.

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