Aha I was right!  

rm_ashpuff 34F
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3/26/2006 2:40 pm
Aha I was right!

So I always said work was trying to kill me, on March 22, 2006 I proved myself right. I made it all winter, what little we had, without incident. I.E. falling, car accident, or broken limb. We get a lil' bit of sleet and ice and I'm down for the count. On my way in to work I'm walking to the hospital entrance and I was thinking, "Self I would be pretty pissed if I fell on this damn ice. Especially, because I have the greatest fountain soda ever known to man." And swoosh feet are suddenly above head and now laying on back. What an ego killer. Thankfully, no one actually say my audition at physical comedy but still the same. So, I lay in the middle of the drive/parking lot totally amazed. I happen to get up and make it safely into the building only to notice my left elbow is nicely swollen. Great....they send me to the ER and a series of ever fun questions begin. Are you pregnant? Is there a chance you may be pregnant? Will you become pregnant soon? To all surprise I am told I have to pee in a cup to ensure that I am indeed not pregnant. Ever so much fun for someone who can NOT pee on demand. Well, thankfully I passed that test with flying colors only to have about 15 x-rays taken. Not only is my x-ray tech hot, he is also hitting on me while my elbow continues to swell, lol. Turns out there is a very small fracture, not large enough to worry about. Given a sling, anti-inflamatory meds, and then told to get back to work. Nice!

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