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rm_artydawg 45M
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8/4/2006 12:55 pm

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4/7/2008 10:31 pm

First Date

Last night I went on my first planned "date" in over a year. I met this woman on AdultFriendFinder, which also means that it was my first ever on-line date.

It is very hard for me to date due to the lack of experience in the dating field, but as I found out last night, the "first meet date" of an on-line person is even more nerve racking.

Traditional dating you know, before hand, how someone looks, talks, sounds. You know how they carry themselves, how they act around other people. It is the interaction between the 2 that warrents the date in the first place.

On-line dating, a whole different ball game. You only know looks by the pictures they chose to send you. Talking is usually done at the safety of they're own desk, which mean that you see a person that you would never know in real life. Sounds, well everyone sounds a little different on the telephone or a computer microphone.

How they carry themselves in the way of how they present themself in public. Are they that "OMG, someone let you out of the house wearing that", person. How bout how they act around other real people vice cyber people. Do they have valid opinions on line but are blatently rude and obnoxious in person.

Even though you may truthfully be explained these things by the person on-line, you still have no valid real life facts on the matter until that first meet actually happens.

With my first date, my nerves were going into over drive with all the "what if" question.

~What if I don't like the way she looks, or she doesn't like the way I look.
~What if I don't like the way she talks, or she doesn't like the way I talk.
~What if she doesn't have public skills and is embarrassing to be seen with.

These things may sound superficial to most, but come on, we all still think the same way.
What do we do in these situations.

I know for me, just turning around and running away is not the option. Apoligize for having waisted thier and your time and go about your life. These things may sound superficial to most, but come on, we all still think the same way.

As it so happens with my first date, it was, as far as I am concerend, very successful. She was everything I had been told and very pleasent to be with. I don't know how I lucked out on my first ever, but I did. With all my reservations with dating someone from the internet, I was overly impressed with how normal of a date it turned out to be.

I would love to hear of other success stories or even some horror stories about real life dates with a cyber person.

rm_nurse19673 50F
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8/7/2006 10:57 pm

Well, my very first online dating experience was a good one also. We still chat online from time to time. But...I have had a few that I wanted to run and hide from. lol (no, not you ) But regardless, the nervousnes is always going to be there, and so are all the questions you posted.

We need to devise a survey to give at the end of the date. Have them fill it out and place it in an envelope and hand it back, lol. Then all the questions would be answered! lol

Good luck with the next date arty!

Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

hgirl73112 46F

8/10/2006 5:27 pm

With the exception of one person, and I've probably met close to 30 people from online, everyone that I've ever met was pretty much as I expected and as they presented themselves online. And the only problem with the one who didn't was he was quite a bit older than he looked in his picture. He did not age well. But I always invest quite a bit of time, usually several weeks at the least, in getting to know someone online, talking to them on the phone, watching them on cam. That is the most sure way of being sure that who you think you are talking to, actually is. Even if it's just long enough to get a good look at them, see that they are a real live person.

Glad to hear your date went well. You are a very attractive guy and present yourself well in writing. I can only imagine you are much better in person

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