rm_articbear26 41M
7/25/2006 6:12 am

so it is another night just hanging with friends
when I could be out at the bars getting drunk and trying to hook up. the mane reason I am home is that I tried that avenue but in those instances it is alwas ends up bing that all the girls want is just strait sex no forplay.

then the dates I have been on have been the same..

so why is it that all the girls I have chatted whith always say that they want to have great sex and alot of forplay
but then when you get them home. You start to chat with them more and then you find they want just some heavy necking then sex. Or when you are boout to go down on them or you start doing some heavy petting they grab you and say $&^% me now.
the worst part is you havn't even started yet. When you get into a relationship you get to have great forplay for the first month or two then it starts to cool and they just want sex the truth is there are many of us guys who would like to have forplay when they have sex it adds more to the expiriance and when you are doing that you can try new things..

The hardest part of a relaionship is bringing up things you wanna try but you are afraid of what the other person will say

the best part abut having a steady partner is when you know you are going to see them and you spend all day thinking of things you want to do with them and to them hmmm funn

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