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Daniel (Pt. 1)

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Men are like beautifully sculpted musical instruments
who emanate symphonies of pleasure with every exploring touch…
For someone so innocent looking he sure was kinky!

January 2, 2001 A message from "RockCowboy" to "WantEmYoung": Single white male, 27, athletic build, short brown hair, mischievous green eyes, and a devilish smile. D/D free and expect the same. Love mature ladies. Live about 2 1/2 hours away from Metro City and willing to travel to meet. I have pictures if interested. Would like to hear more about you and maybe see about meeting if things go great. Daniel This is a copy of my profile: Interested in meeting a woman who could help me explore. Prefer older women but would not turn down a younger lady. Would talk and trade photos over net then see about a personal meeting.
This was just after totaling my car in Capitol City.

I had just finished another emcee gig and I didn’t see an oncoming car due to some really huge snow drifts. My car was turning left as the oncoming car smashed into the passenger’s side. My first thought was “please don’t let anyone in the other car be hurt.” Then as I was realizing that I might die, this thought flashed through my head, “Lucy, you have some ‘splaining’ to do!” If someone had to go through my things, how would they explain the drawer full of vibrators and black lingerie?

Luckily, no one was hurt but it was like the coldest day in the history of the world and the attending police officer told the other driver and me to exchange information. The guy got into my car and we discovered that he had just been coming home from a first date with a teacher whose name rhymed with mine! We were both divorced and talked about getting back in the dating scene and how we both were looking for people on the internet. The cop came back and asked us if we got each other’s numbers and we just laughed.

It cost me more to have my car towed home than I earned that weekend and I succeeded in trashing the only thing I had to my name. Wow, 2001 was off to a good start!
January 9, 2001
Daniel: How are you tonight? N_: my thigh's still sore from the car accident Daniel: Need someone to massage that thigh for you N_: yes I do need someone to massage it except it's too sore to touch. So far I have an offer of a full body massage... Daniel: Might have to see about getting that taking care for you or at least get your mind off of it N_: and you would be willing to do that, I suppose?
Daniel: I could kiss it if you want me to N_: yeah, that's just what my doctor would prescribe! So Daniel, what are you up to tonight? Daniel: Not much, just messing around on the computer N_: I see that Daniel: And how about you? N_: well, I just got off the phone... Daniel: and was it an exciting phone call??? N_: well I was pretty darn excited. I turned down two meetings tonight so I could rest. I have a show tomorrow. they were both very persistent, but I need to get to bed early tonight. I don't want to limp onto the stage. It’s a "graduation" show from my standup class
Daniel: Ok, I need to figure out a time to come up there for you soon. I would like to meet you and have some fun together N_: just curious are we? Do you still have the beard? Daniel: Not curious, interested. Have you had a younger man before? I have a goatee now N_: Honey, that's all I have. Daniel: This will be very interesting indeed N_: You do know how old I am don't you? Have you ever been with an older woman? Daniel: I have but not much older, she was 8 years older. And what do you like to do when together? N_: knit, crochet, you know, the usual Daniel: Sounds.....educational. Any particular likes or dislikes? N_: yes, I don't like lima beans Daniel: ok, now sexual N_: Ohhhhhhhhh! stupid me! Daniel: Or should we wait till another time so you can get some sleep N_: no, I'm good for a little while yet. I'm normally up very late. I usually do an open mike on Thursday nights so I'm always up late then and quite often out late Wednesdays as well Daniel: That's not sexual N_: Ha! You'd be surprised what I do after being out late.
Daniel: And late for work N_: Never late, and usually very energized Daniel: Will have to see about getting you energized N_: are there batteries involved? And do you keep going, and going?
Daniel: Could be, depends on how kinky we get N_: I'm not all that kinky I don't think. I don't think I've done anything I thought was kinky. What would you consider kinky? Daniel: Trying to find that out from you N_: well, so far, in all the encounters I've had. no one has suggested anything I found offense to Daniel: What do you like to do to a guy? I'm pretty open minded N_: whatever pleases them Daniel: I love to lick woman silly N_: well, I'm already fairly silly so it shouldn't take much Daniel: Do you have any fetishes, other than younger guys N_: see, I don't consider it a fetish. For me it's just a preference Daniel: Ok, any other things you like your guy to wear?
N_: candlelight and a condom. Not into ball gags or those leather helmets with the zipper mouth. That's just icky Daniel: I do have a thing for stockings, heels, and dresses. That's about it for what I like to see a woman in N_: then you should see me tomorrow night! I'll be wearing thigh high stockings under a slinky dress with high heels. Of course I'm trying to be funny, but I like to feel sexy on stage Daniel: I know as soon as I got you alone I'd be down on my knees, lifting up that dress to lick you long, feeling your leg lift up and over my shoulder, wrapping around my head and down my back. Bring in me in close. Love having you rub yourself all over my face as my tongue licks and probes. You pinning my shoulders down with your shins as your hips gyrate
N_: ah, trapping you so you can’t get away Daniel: Mmmmmm. Love the way you make it sound. Feeling your hands comb through my hair, grabbing the back of my head
N_: do you like to kiss? Because I love to kiss Daniel: Love to kiss. Have you ever tied someone down?? Would you like to do it? I'd let you N_: I thought about it. I was supposed to with one guy, but when it came down to it, we didn't. I think I would want to be tied up also Daniel: We could switch after
N_: I don't have anything to use to tie you up Daniel: You can use another pair of stockings but we don't want to ruin the good ones. You can have them on you while you're doing this to me N_: Daniel, I'm sorry, but I need to go Daniel: Ok. Night dear. Will hopefully see you soon
January 10, 2001
Daniel: Hello gorgeous, how are you tonight N_: I kicked ass tonight! Plus I was told that I was ready for a showcase at Guffaw’s Daniel: That's great N_: yeah, it's such a rush when everyone is laughing and I was on a roll Daniel: And what happens if some young thing shows up wanting more than an autograph? N_: well, as a matter of fact... I did get a call and he came over after the show. I met him previously.
Daniel: And what did you do to him N_: mmmmmm he was more into doing for me but I got him back good I think! Daniel: Have any pics of that N_: too busy to take photos Daniel: But you're not shy for a camera N_: shy, no. But I'm not a young hard body, you know Daniel: And how old is he N_: 26 Daniel: Naughty girl N_: and how old are you again? you seem interested enough Daniel: I’m 27 and VERY! I’m still thinking of last night and the thought of you pinning me down.
N_: well, I did that to him and he wouldn't let me unpin him! Daniel: I can see that happening especially if you're in black stockings, garter belt and heels!!! N_: no garter belt. How about thigh highs? I wish I didn't have to get up early but I've been up since 5:30 am and it's been a long day. Teaching, homework, and then the stand up, and of course, the 26 year old... Daniel: Mmmmmm and how are you at 69 N_: hey, no one said there was going to be any math! Daniel, I really need to go now Daniel: ok, I'll talk to you later then. Night gorgeous

January 12, 2001
Daniel: Hello gorgeous. So what's your plan for tonight? What strapping young thing are you going to seduce with your looks tonight? N_: girls' night out Daniel: Could you have that down here??? N_: nooooo, I want you to myself Daniel Daniel: For a full night of activities, and have you ever captured the moment on camera N_: I’m usually way too busy!!! Do you capture the moment? Daniel: I have but only a couple of times
N_: well, so far no one's done that. I am older, remember. I'm not as photogenic as some young hard body and I’m slightly self conscious about being photographed that way. I've had kids...plus I've lost a lot of weight... gravity, you know. I haven't had any complaints, but I thought I would at least mention it... Daniel: I'll take a good long night of hot steamy sex instead then N_: oh, you'll get that all right, unless you wear me out Daniel: That's what I'm aiming for February 4, 2001
N_: hey you! Daniel: Hello N_, how are you doing. Did you have fun at the Erotic Pals party? N_: yes! I got to dance all night.
Daniel: Meet anyone?? Get hit on by some young things? N_: yes, I met lots of people. We just gathered in the disco for drinking, chatting, and dancing. I got hit on right off the bat and I thought he was going to be it, but I didn't like the way he kissed Daniel: So did you move to another? N_: yes... mostly just lots of kissing and holding...he couldn't seem to...you know Daniel: Get up for the event? So is it worth going to? Would you go to another one? N_: probably not. It was not interesting enough Daniel: How did you hear about it? N_: I heard a bout it in the chat room. Daniel, I have to go. Someone's coming over Daniel: Ok, have fun. Scream my name out just for fun.

February 5, 2001
N_: hey sexy! Daniel: Hello gorgeous. How are you tonight? N_: I just had a show and want to have sex with someone! Daniel: And so far away too. Damn the luck. You didn't get some young thing like you usually do? N_: well, I just got on... Daniel: I have something special for you. Ok, I sent it to your email. So what kind of show did you do tonight? Were you all done up and looking hot too? N_: I had an improv show. Just jeans and a t-shirt!
I received a photo from Daniel that was so totally hot my hard drive set off the smoke detector.

N_: oh my!!!!! Please come see me!!!! Daniel: I see you opened the email N_: Yes!!!!! I am soooooo restless over here and now you've made it worse! LOL Daniel: Yes but now you'll know what you're getting into or at least what's getting into YOU. N_: Wow, I just realized how big you were... Daniel: I could bring up my leather wrist and ankle restraints too if you want to tie me down N_: could we take turns at that? Daniel: I would love coming there, just to see you in the door in all black and heels; commanding me in that very instant. As soon as I got into the room, the door would shut; you would force me to my knees. Raising one leg over and around my shoulder and head, showing me your thigh highs and no underwear just as you force me to the wall. Rubbing yourself all over my face. N_: so you want me to dominate you? Daniel: Feeling you shake and tremble from the sensation as you quivered and dripped all over me. Hearing you demand to cum again and again. Feeling your hands wrapped up in my hair and getting a firm grip as you forced me to make you cum. How would you like to do that to me? N_: Are you a true submissive or is it just sort of a fantasy? Daniel: More of a fantasy. I can take control if you like N_: I think it would be fun to take turns Daniel: Do you want me to tie you up and have my way with you? N_: yes, please sir and then I could do the same for you! Daniel: It would be my pleasure. I'll talk to you later, night gorgeous

February 10, 2001
N_: Daniel, I am sooooooo restless tonight I can't stand it Daniel: You’ve been looking at the picture again haven't you? N_: no, but I have it engraved in my mind... Daniel: Put it aside in your masturbation rolodex N_: no kidding. I've had to settle for lots of phone sex this week! LOL I am sooooooo needing someone like you Daniel: Can't tonight, I have a date. Hopefully it will go well but we can see about something during the week if you want N_: my only night open is Wednesday and that's Valentine's Day for most people Daniel: The Valentine’s thing is ok with me. We can figure out a midway point if you like. I would like meeting you N_: ok, that might be possible. I know I would like meeting you too and there are not many guys I would drive to meet. Daniel: I will have to look for a hotel in the midpoint area that would be easy to get to. We'll get something right off the interstate N_: well, maybe tonight will go so well that you will cancel anything like this Daniel: I won't cancel, that's for sure N_: but she might be so hot that you would want to be with her Daniel: I really want you bad too! Thinking already about what you might be wearing. I would love to see you in a dress with stockings and heels. Something that you could just push me to the floor, lift up and pin me down on my face N_: what's your EP name? It would say how many miles away you are from me Daniel: “RockCowboy” And bring whatever toys you have. I know I wouldn't mind using them on you when I have you pinned or tied down. N_: "Catholic School Teacher Found tied Up near Grandville!" Daniel: Found with big smile on her face and a very wet sheet underneath N_: undisclosed object found near body... 167 miles is what it says you are from me Daniel: Heart failure deemed cause of death N_: If I give you my address, you can get driving directions and we can figure it out. Relatives were stunned to find drawers full of black lace underwear "she was such a conservative woman." “We are still trying to figure out the leather corset and dog collar. It must have been a Halloween costume” says her ex-husband. Daniel: Ohh, you have one of those??? N_: not yet. I have a black satin corset and I have a shopping list Daniel: But is sounds like you wouldn't shy away from it N_: well, I have been chatting with a guy who is a Dom and is teaching me about being a sub. I’m fascinated with the lifestyle and he spent three hours online with me last night talking me through to a great orgasm. He tells me what to do to. Daniel: We can do a lot of switch N_: yes, I will tie you up and have my way with you. “force you to do things that will frighten fish” Daniel: Mmmm. I like the sound of that N_: it's an obscure quote from a movie. I just hope I'm not too tired once I get down there! Daniel: Yes, but I'm still curious as what you might have in store for me. I'm pretty open to a lot of things N_: I don't want to be worn out before you have a chance to wear me out Daniel: I am sure you find the energy. That or you’ll just have to take bottom. I might just bend you over the hotel chair and tie you ankles on one side and your wrists on the other so you're bent over in front of me N_: you look pretty big Daniel Daniel: I'm about 8 1/2 to 9 inches depending on how excited I get. I'm sure I'll get really hard hearing you cum. That's what really gets me going the most
N_: oh, I'm noisy all right. I'm sure there won't be any problems. You like to kiss though, right? Daniel: Oh yes. Thinking about you. As soon as we have the room door shut. You forcing me to my knees, wrapping a leg up over my shoulder and around my head. Feeling a hand run through my hair, getting a grip and smothering my face. You pushing me up against the wall so I can't get away. Feeling you shake and tremble from my tongue N_: oh yes! Damn lucky girl who is getting you tonight hon.
Daniel: Depends on how well we hit it off, but I'm going to be lucky cum Wednesday

Then we spent a lot of time consulting Map Finder and figuring out a midway point for us and how long each of us would have to drive. We exchanged all phone numbers and addresses. How in the world did people manage without the internet? He would just send me links and two seconds later we were looking at the same map almost 200 miles apart. Mind you, Daniel had to get ready for a date also.

N_: Daddy , are we there yet? Don't make me come back there and smack you! Daniel: Can you see it N_: not exactly. I'm re-centering. You better go. Don't be late! Have fun tonight and we'll get back to this. *s*
Daniel: damn, ok. We will look for a place later then. Talk to you later gorgeous

February 13, 2001
Daniel: Hello N_ Do you want to do something tonight instead of tomorrow? N_: I would love it Daniel: I know I could really go for you on me tonight! I would let you use me any way you wanted to
After a month and a half of chatting we were finally going to meet. We realized that Grandville was a reasonable midway point and found a place to meet on the outskirts.

Daniel: Do you have the driving directions for this ok? It's not too far from the interstate N_: it doesn't look that hard to find. As long as we both have the same place as a destination I'm sure we can manage this and as long as you take my phone number with you, we should be ok Daniel: I will N_: then I guess we better get going! I have to shower and change. *s* Drive carefully! Daniel: I will see you up there N_: I hope you like me Daniel: I've seen pics, I know I will N_: are we meeting in the room or should I just wait for you to call? Daniel: I will meet you in the lobby N_: I'm all excited! I had never traveled much in my life so hotels always held a fascination for me. So many rooms, so many stories. Now it was my turn and I had no idea if the story would be memorable or not. I met Daniel in the lobby of a very nice hotel. It was very cold and we were both in heavy coats but he was indeed a cutie pie especially since he had shaved off the goatee. His innocent Ethan Hawke Hamlet looks concealed the fact that here was a man with a penchant for pornography and who harbored many dark fantasies.

It was a little awkward at first because he seemed fairly shy. In those minutes walking to the elevator it crossed my mind that perhaps he wasn’t attracted to me in person. The closed door of the elevator brought the privacy that allowed him to approach me. Now I could see the yearning in his eyes as he came closer. He leaned in to kiss me and it was soft, sweet, and seductive. It suggested an underlying passion. As soon as we got in the room we kissed almost nonstop for what seemed like half an hour before he stopped and pulled his head away. The hint of hunger was rising to the surface and settled in his eyes as he looked straight into mine with desire and determination. After a time he dropped to his knees. I felt the touch of his fingers and tongue as he raised my skirt and began his explorations. We did all the things we had only done via keyboard. He was very good at everything and his stamina was outstanding.

The most surprising thing about him was that he really didn’t talk. He was always so verbal online but he barely spoke all night. He moaned, he whimpered, he shuddered, and he smiled the whole time. He was simply wonderful and really seemed to be enjoying himself. I even used one of my toys on him which was a first for both of us. I knew it was something that would please him, and I was as slow and gentle as I could be. I got a great sense of power giving him that experience and pleasure. When a man takes the time and effort to pleasure me, it gives me such a thrill to be able to reciprocate fully. Daniel had me in so many positions during the course of the evening and early morning that I felt like a bendy doll. When we realized that the time approached to call it a morning, we got dressed quickly and while I was putting on my coat we started kissing again. He lifted me up to his waist and I knew we could have gone on for several more hours if we both didn't have to get to work early.

In the months since my separation I’d been with 33 men I’d met online. Up until that point I had a  scale. Daniel became the first  and raised the bar that Valentine’s Day morning.

February 17, 2001
Daniel: All rested up I hope N_: I'm still a little sore Daniel: From what???? N_: driving! LOL I had a wonderful time Daniel. I was totally running on adrenaline the next day Daniel: So did I. Quite fun and a little noisy. I had to leave work early and missed that meeting N_: you were far beyond my expectations Daniel: You sounded like you enjoyed it N_: oh yes! You seemed to enjoy it also. May I ask you something? Daniel: Very much. Ask away N_: you seemed so conversational on here, why didn't you say much? That came as a surprise Daniel: Never do in person, I'm quiet N_: I love your smile. You are simply adorable and you have blown the curve for all the other guys! Daniel: You looked great in that tight black skirt and stockings too N_: thank you. I didn't dress up to perform tonight though. I wore jeans, a sweater, and a flannel shirt Daniel: I love how you performed for me. I wished I was a little more stored up for the event. I was thinking I had another day to build up reserves and Monday I enjoyed myself a couple of times N_: LOL it was wonderful. I wish we really had tied each other up instead of just pretending, but you pretended really well! I loved your reaction when I sucked on your nipples Daniel: I love having my nipples sucked. And you wanted to hop off after so long. I liked holding you on me and making you suffer N_: I wasn't suffering. I loved every minute of it. I was afraid of smothering you. I really wanted to keep going for a couple more hours. It was a shame we had to leave a perfectly good room! Daniel: And only half way used
February 19, 2001
Daniel: Hello N_. I’ve been thinking about how to get you again N_: just whistle Daniel: Puckers and blows. I was thinking about how you used your toy on me. I loved how you rubbed yourself on my butt when I was on my stomach N_: I'm glad, because I enjoyed doing it. I loved touching you, licking you, kissing you... Daniel: Mmmmm. SO DID I!! N_: it was sort of like worshipping your body. I really couldn't get enough of you Daniel
Daniel: You can worship all you want then. I’m thinking about it already. I loved feeling your cum run down my butt and back N_: you would have to bring your restraints I think Daniel: Don't want me holding you on my face??? I didn't want you backing away. I loved you smothering me as you came so loud. I keep thinking of having you command me. Feeling your hands in my hair and you on my face. Hearing you tell me to make you cum over and over again as you push yourself onto me N_: I wasn't very demanding though, was I? I just took one look at that sweet face of yours and I melted Daniel: I wanted to take you in the elevator bad on the way up N_: really? that quickly Daniel: YES! I really wanted you bad when I saw you. All done up and looking good N_: I have to admit. I was very pleased that you shaved off the goatee. You looked very cute in the photos, but clean shaven was perfect.

I met two very nice guys since the night with Daniel. The most interesting thing about the first one aside from the fact that he was this total blonde hottie was the fact that he drove six hours to spend just a few hours with me. Out of all the men I’d been with, he was the only one who had me lay back to front on top of his chest as he was lying on his back on the floor. It was nice but I kept feeling like I was going to fall off. He wasn’t someone I got to know very well first. It was a pretty spontaneous meeting after chatting on Erotic Pals. Sometimes it happened that way.

The next guy I met was another hot blonde but this one was a real honest to goodness farmer. We had been chatting for a while but his responsibilities left him with little personal time. My preference for men in general means that some casting director is going to have to search for an awful lot of tall, slender but muscular clean shaven blondes with blue eyes if this ever gets made into a movie. Oh there would be lots of variety but that would be the ideal. My appetite was such that the more sex I got, the more I wanted. I was pretty voracious.

February 25, 2001 N_: Daniel!!! Where have you been?? Daniel: I was snowboarding N_: I thought maybe you were hiding out from me! LOL Daniel: Only if it's under your dress

February 26, 2001 N_: I lost my voice! Too much strain from the shows this weekend I guess Daniel: Didn't have anyone licking you silly all weekend long making you scream all the time N_: no, I had a very solo weekend. I have a couple new photos... Daniel: Send away… I love the pic! Would like to see more… N_: I'm still pretty shy... the last one is more revealing but I don't like it Daniel: Might have to break you of that. Send it anyway. N_: my dog ate it Daniel: Don't remember you having a dog N_: uh, er, um, my iguana ate it Daniel: Iguanas are vegetarians N_: er, um. photos are veggie Daniel: Send it N_: you will be disappointed. It doesn't really show much Daniel: Are you in it? N_: yes Daniel: Then it will be good for me N_: aw…

March 11, 2001
Daniel: Did you have a good weekend? Anyone come to visit you? N_: yes, I had a house guest all weekend Daniel: And did you have fun N_: oh yes, he drove 12 hours to come see me. Oh, by the way, I'm sitting here in a towel just out of the shower, all clean and shaved. That's why I told someone he could come over but he's coming from Grandville so he will be awhile Daniel: And how old is he? N_: 27, the one from the weekend was 25, Sunday night was 27 Daniel: Busy little girl. I might have to punish you severely. I’m sending you a photo…
N_: ok, checking…Daniel, about the only thing I have that looks like anything in that photo is the white stockings! I wish I had a body like that Daniel: Doesn't matter. I would love to see you take another woman though N_: yes, I know. I really don't know what I'd do with a woman any more than you would with a guy. I feel such an attraction to men, yet almost none to women. I kept thinking about you joining my friend and I while he was here and you keep thinking about me and another woman. It seems like we both are pretty willful creatures Daniel: Yes, especially when we have large sex drives N_: Daniel I have to go…

I know it seems strange that after an entire weekend of very, very good to the point of wearing me out sex I would go looking again so quickly, but during this time I had my choice of several good looking young men every day. I was the proverbial kid in a candy store. My visitor for the evening was a former minor league pitcher and was one of those very spontaneous meetings. There were far too many of those lately. The pitcher was a lot of fun and had a great smile but one of the many I never heard from again. There were far too many of those as well.

March 18, 2001 - Daniel went through this really long scenario which involved me and him with another woman. I admit that he had a very seductive way about him and he did make me the center of attention so I went along with it because I could tell how much it pleased him. Then he moved on to a scenario where he was the center of attention and began sending me files picturing things he fantasized. We spent hours and hours online like this.

Daniel became my source for erotica. I never had much luck finding anything that interested me online and there was the constant problem with pop-up windows. Even when I just wanted academic information, I found myself mired in a maze of MILFs. I knew Daniel was thinking about me whenever I got some large file in my mail. He would send small movies too and then I wouldn’t have to deal with futile searches. Once he knew I was interested in bondage, it was as if I had a personal porn consultant.
N_: You know what? I gushed last weekend for the first time! My spring break visitor had his fingers inside me, rubbing my g-spot, and it just happened Daniel: Would like to see if I can N_: I'm sure you could. I'm not sure if there is some trick to it but it was pretty amazing and scary. Maybe if I had my hands tied… Daniel: I will put that on the "To Do" list N_: how long is that list???? Daniel: VERY! But I don't like pain, I like to give pleasure. I think you might have known that already N_: yes, you are quite a giver. I was just wondering about nipple clamps. I think I might like that Daniel: Never tried them, I would rather have them being sucked on N_: I loved doing that to you but I think I could handle more pinching and hard sucking Daniel: Love hard sucking N_: mmmmm me too
March 27, 2001
Daniel: And how have you been doing N_: very well. I went to Grandville yesterday. I met the Dom I’ve been chatting with Daniel: What was that like? N_: it was very interesting. I spent most of the time blindfolded

April 2, 2001
Daniel: How are you doing today? Have a good weekend? N_: I'm hitting the jack pot tonight! I did 30 minutes of stand up in a club up north and now I've got four young hot guys from close by on chat tonight Daniel: All at once? N_: yes, all with hot photos and wanting to see me. Go figure Daniel: Sounds like you will have your hands full. I did love the pics you sent me. I've been hitting someone a lot recently so I guess I have a steady in town here. I don't think she's all too into the 3-some thing either or I'd have you come down and do her too with your toy N_: oh you would? I think I'll bring along a guy and have you both do me! Is this the one you went out with around the time we met and it seems to be working out nicely? Daniel: Yes, and she's a screamer
N_: I've had four duds in a row
If this book does as well as I hope, there will be a lot of guys coming out of the woodwork to claim that they nailed, tagged, or banged me and they probably fall into the dud category. Duds also include men never heard from again but I was really lucky to have met a lot of wonderful young men.
April 11, 2001
Daniel: So how are the guys treating you up there? N_: some very well, some duds. I met someone a lot like you recently but close to home Daniel: You said you have a few more close ones now to keep you busy N_: yes, a couple of young college students, but they are mainly short sessions. The one tonight was 21 and very much the Dom which surprised the hell out of me. He had such a baby face but was totally take charge Daniel: And did you show him a few things N_: I just did as I was told. I was an obedient little slut Daniel: You like that don't you N_: sometimes, but I still think taking turns is best
Daniel launched an explicit sexual scenario and all of a sudden I became mommy. I tried to keep it gentle and loving within a concept which made me a bit uncomfortable, but in the middle of it Daniel forced the scene into one with an angry mommy who was abusing her little boy. You may wonder why I didn’t just refuse but I am a person who is not only interested in getting to know as much about the men she likes as possible, but I also have this deep obsession with all things sexual. There is a part of me that I call therapist mode where I feel that if I am allowing another person to play out fantasies or reveal truths that it might be therapeutic in some way for them. It crossed my mind that Daniel might have been abused in some way, but I had fantasies and I had never been abused so mostly I thought it was a fantasy thing and I went along with it as best I could.

Although the conversation followed along the way Daniel led it, I managed to mentally disregard the word mommy and cast myself in the role of Domme’ instead. I also mentally recast him as older because I am just not that perverted. I would never think of doing anything sexual to someone who was either underage and/or nonconsensual. A few older men online accused me of being a pervert because I liked young men. They called 19 to 21 year olds “boys,” but I grew up in the Vietnam War Era and watched our country ship strong healthy 19 year olds out only to return broken in mind, body or in those horrible black bags. I would never demean someone that age by calling them anything less than a man.

April 15, 2001
N_: I've been very bad this week Daniel: How bad? Getting a lot? Using your toy on anyone? N_: a lot. No, I’m saving it for someone special. It has your name on it Daniel: That chat we had the other night really got me going hard! We have to plan another night. Can you make plans for it now? That place we met before was nice. I can be up there by 6:30 N_: after driving 5 hours to my gig last weekend, this will be a piece of cake Daniel: I want to get up there as early as possible N_: yes, me too. Well, let's just try to get there as close to 6:30 as each of us can manage Daniel: Ok, I'm heading out. Let me know how thing will work out. LICK

April 16, 2001
Daniel: How are you tonight? N_: fine. I went shopping... then I had a photo shoot with a friend Joe from out of town. Daniel: What did you get??? And can I see!? N_: Yes...I did it for you because of the photo you sent me. I just sent them
Daniel: Ohhh, thank you. OH YES. I would have to take you hard if I saw you like that. I was just thinking of something like that on you. Yummy N_: and you like the shoes? Daniel: YES, VERY MUCH! I was looking at a pic of a woman all tied up and very helpless. I’m sending it now to your email. I would love to tie you up like this and take full advantage of you! Seeing you all tied up in some school girl outfit and unable to do anything N_: are we still on for Wednesday? I may not get any sleep but I don't even care Daniel: I have a rainbow starter kit of liquid latex we might want to try also
N_: and what do you plan on doing with it Daniel: Not sure yet, was thinking of you wearing some old pantyhose or thigh highs and I would paint them up on you giving you some vinyl boots and maybe painting some straps for me to grab on to on you. N_: very creative Daniel. I'll make sure to wear pantyhose Daniel: And are you going to take me as soon as we get to the room?? N_: well, you have soooo many scenarios you have mentioned I'll have to decide which. What do you want me to be wearing? Daniel: Still would love having you take me as soon as we got in the room. N_: you don't want me to go through any role playing? Daniel: Love seeing you in what you had on in those pics. Have something conservative over the top then once we get into the room you push me to the bed and tell me to shut up and take it.
N_: I have exactly the right thing. Do you want to meet me in the lobby or in the room? Daniel: We can meet in the lobby again, or maybe by the vending machines and you can pick me up. Ask me back to your room. Be a sexual predator N_: that would be good. I know exactly what I'm going to do now Daniel: And don't tell me what you're going to do, I want it to be a surprise N_: exactly and you will just play along... Daniel: Yes, I will have to N_: you may have to talk more than you are used to... Daniel: That's ok N_: this should be very interesting! Daniel: You should bring your video recorder and have it ready and recording for when we get to the room. I can call you from the lobby on your cell phone to let you know I'm there and you can setup and meet me by the vending machines so when we get to the room you can do whatever you plan without having to set anything going N_: I love the way you think but of course I love the way you do a lot of things. The kissing was very nice Daniel: You'll have to save yourself for Wed. I'm going to go to sleep, sounds like I'll need to rest up for this good. N_: for you, yes, I will need to rest up.

April 18, 2001
N_: Daniel are we still on? Daniel: Hello, just got home from work. Are you still up for it? N_: my bag is in the car and I just got out of the shower Daniel: Same place then? N_: yes, I'm going to leave as soon as I can. Be ready you little slut. I'll look more like a business woman Daniel: Yes, but naughty underneath N_: ENOUGH! Daniel: Ohhhhh, I like the sound of that! N_: No more questions! Just be ready
Daniel: I will be N_: I have to go... Daniel: Ok, will see you there N_: yes. Now leave me! April 18, 2001 - I had a sense of déjà vu as I traveled the same route I drove just a couple of months previously. It was the same road, same car, and the same hot, kinky guy with whom I’d spent an amazing night in February. I got to the Hotel around 6:30 and checked into a room that was almost identical to the one we had last time. I set up the video camera, left all the lights on, put the restraints under the mattress, and placed the toys in the drawer. The idea was to pretend I was a business woman and I was dressed in a very classy suit. I went down to the lobby and pretended to be on the phone with a business associate. “We” had set up a photo shoot for a print ad campaign that was due the next day but my associate told the model the wrong day. I argued on the phone with my partner, being very pissed off that I had a film crew in the room but didn't have a model for the shoot. When I saw Daniel, I just ignored him and kept talking on the phone. Then I went around the corner and told my “partner” that I had just seen a young guy in the hotel who looked just like our missing model and maybe we could salvage the campaign. Then I approached Daniel. I said that I know this seems strange but...and that's how we started a night long marathon role playing session.

After explaining that the crew had gone to dinner, I had Daniel sit on the bed and did a mock interview. I asked him if he ever did any modeling and to just tell me a little bit about himself. I enjoyed just getting to know him a little bit more as a person because he was being himself in this situation. Then I came clean and told him that the modeling was for an adult magazine and he would be posing as a submissive for me as a dominatrix. He said he didn’t know much about such things but he thought he would be ok with it as long as it was all just modeling. He was still calm as I had him put a pair of black patent leather stilettos on me. He got undressed and let me put him in restraints and a blindfold. I slipped off my suit to reveal my black satin corset but only to the camera. I had full length black satin gloves as well and those came in handy during the course of the evening to stroke him gently or to remove and drag across various parts of his unbelievable body.

According to our previous agreements, I forced myself on Daniel many and multiple ways while he was restrained and he was also compliant when I finally let him out of the heavy duty Velcro cuffs and bent him over the side of the bed. Daniel is just the most responsive man I'd ever been with, and very empathic. At one point I thought he was going to cum just from the most extremely deep kissing I've ever done with anyone. When I was sucking on his nipples he almost came again! We had hours and hours of some major intensity with both of us enjoying multiple orgasms. Then he was finally worn out and lay on his side completely spent. Or so I thought. I decided he’d had enough and that we were pretty much done. I put on a pair of pantyhose and a short dress for the ride home but he caught me by “surprise” as I was getting ready to leave. He had me bent over the side of the bed and just tore through the panty hose with his hands and the tables were turned and now I was the submissive one. This went on for quite some time and was very intense. Eventually we had barely enough time to get back home and work.

In the next couple of chats we reminisced about the night.

Daniel: I have always wanted to do that, just never had the chance. I didn't think you would mind if I did. I couldn't help myself when I saw you dressed in that skirt. I had to tear through them and have you N_: I did that on purpose so you could Daniel: Thank you.
During the following month I was out of commission due to my sexual inexperience and the eagerness of a very young man to perform some oral maneuvers we had seen in a porno. I prided myself on being extremely clean but his activities ended up with me in an emergency room at a time when there was a death in the family and some other family drama. It was a rough period emotionally. Being sick in body was a minor inconvenience in comparison to being emotionally drained.

I didn’t see anyone for about a month but I could always chat. Daniel put forth more role-playing that brought another woman into the scene. I was lucky he wasn’t close by enough to see or he might have eventually seduced me although a major amount of liquor would have to be involved.

June 3, 2001
N_: I went shopping all afternoon Daniel: Shopping for what??? N_: I got this great little black dress Daniel: I LOVE BLACK, you know that. You have to model them for me!! N_: damn why I can’t find someone like you... Daniel: You did, just too far away damn it

June 7, 2001
Daniel: And have you been entertaining lately? N_: I met someone yesterday, a drummer. So far I've had a guitar player, a lead singer, and a drummer! LOL I should start my own band! (I certainly knew how to play second fiddle…

June 9, 2001
Daniel: What are you up to tonight? No one stopping by? N_: no, I just got home, now I'm in the EP chat room... Daniel: I spent the day at a friend's 5 year olds b-day. Kids are ok but I’m more of a pet person myself. Not sure if I want any, I don't think it would be good with all the physical problems I have to pass down. N_: this is the first you have mentioned that. I think we spent so much time role playing on line that we never talked real life much but I wish I’d gotten to know you better. I really think you are someone special Daniel: Some think the devil. LOL N_: no, just intriguing Daniel: I'm no angel N_: oh I know! LOL but you are not evil, just highly sexual and kinky. There's nothing evil about that or I'm in big trouble. I guess that's why I felt so comfortable with you and enjoyed being with you Daniel: I’m not afraid of being myself with you N_: I'm glad. I wanted you to be comfortable with me Daniel: I am, hell I love hearing you cum. especially so loud! N_: you are the most responsive man I've ever been with. Your whole body is like one big erogenous zone. It's like playing an instrument. Everywhere I touch you produces wonderful sounds Daniel: So how do you like that EP chat room? N_: I used to like it a lot but there is no one near me. Mostly guys just e-mail me like you did originally for which I will always be grateful. You were definitely one of the best guys I met on Erotic Pals and those nights we had are major high points for me Daniel: Will have to see about doing it again
N_: yes, I'm almost completely healed. I had very gentle sex last night and it didn't hurt one bit. It was the first time in almost a month since my trip to the emergency room. I felt confident about having oral again last week Daniel: Hope so, I would hate to not lick you next time we get to see each other N_: oh no, I'm going to be available for all activities! Daniel: Good, just need to work on something to make the strapon better for you N_: I had a hard time because you are tall Daniel: Maybe handcuff me as soon as I get into the room and force yourself on me. Make it seem like more of an sexual attack. You the pizza delivery boy. Lure me in with hints of a tip then pushing me hard up against the wall, forcing my arms behind my back, handcuffing me then using me. You would really have to put some force into it and make me your bitch N_: it's just so hard for me to be mean to you but I will go as far as you want this next time. You just have to make sure I know the boundaries and I will push as far as you can take it Daniel: I'll let you know N_: and I really want you to do some things also... I sort of want you to take me and also be a bit rougher, tying me up and stuff Daniel: Rougher than last time? I didn't want to hurt you N_: yes, I guess sometimes the pressure is a bit much, but more rough in the way you treat me I guess, tying me down and holding me down more. I want to be forced more, pinning me down and being very aggressive. You would still have to be a little gentle physically but you could act rough Daniel: Ok, I can do that

June 20, 2001
Daniel: How are you tonight N_: great and you? Daniel: Ok, did you just get some?? N_: how did you know? He just left Daniel: You're usually on earlier. And when are we going to meet again?? And will you be forceful this time? N_: as best I can be. You’re so damn cute though it's hard! I went to the clinic today for STD screening. All negative but the doctor. read me the riot act when she asked how many partners! I guess I'm going to have to fold up my tent and leave town Daniel: Good to hear about the tests! N_: I'm as careful as I can be. I think mostly she was also worried that I might meet some weirdo that would hurt me, but so far I've not met one person I was afraid of and several I'd like to hide away in my apt. for my own amusement

July 10, 2001
N_: how was your trip? Daniel: Good, and what have you been up to? N_: well, you know me Daniel. I met a few very shy men. One guy couldn't stop saying wow all night, and I also performed in front of 3000 people last week. Daniel: Want to know what I've wanted to do badly lately?? I feel like bending you over right now, tie your hands to the chair legs so you're stuck in the L position in front of me and take you hard everywhere. Maybe this week we can do something. Do you have a gig anytime this week? N_: only Sunday Daniel: So the whole rest of the week is free then? All I can think about now is you bent over as I grab your skirt in one hand, using it for a handle to push in deep, with the other hand in your hair, holding your head up so I can hear your moaning as I burying myself in you. I would be totally hard all night seeing you all done up in a nice outfit. Don't forget the pantyhose with black or white thigh highs over them. I want to see those thigh highs wrapping around me trying to fight me off as I rip through your pantyhose and shove into you. Those regular strappy shoes you have got me very horny too N_: I love that you are so deceptively gentle looking. I would love for you to start out pretending you were very tender and then totally take me off guard. It could all seem very sweet for a while, and then get really intense. I would like to just be kissing sort of nice for awhile before you get all different to trick me. I really want you to take me completely by surprise so that would be like a 180. If you were really sweet and tender at first that would also give me a taste of what it could be like.

July 12, 2001
Daniel: Are you on? N_: yes, dressed like a Domme’ but he's getting late Daniel: Why?? Is someone coming over?? N_: yes, someone like you but this one wants torture Daniel: And what do you have planned for him? N_: hot wax, nipple clamps and very hard spanking. I’m not sure how to go about it but I’ll improvise.
My name is N_ and I’m a Catholic School teacher…by day. A dominatrix by night. You think I’m kidding. You ask the guy who’s tied to my bed, blindfolded, covered in hot wax, wearing nipple clamps and a dog collar that says Bitch, whether he thinks I’m kidding. I told him I was going out for batteries. As if I would ever let my battery supply get that low! Isn’t that what rechargeables are for?

You know what bothers me? Why do they have to put labels on the leather collars? Isn’t that like sewing name tags in your clothes when you go to camp? Am I really going to forget who is the mistress and who is the slave? I don’t think so!

And I really resent the chain on nipple clamps! Who is that for, An absent minded dominatrix? Isn’t that pretty much the same concept as the string on idiot mittens?? What’s next for remedial domination? Am I going to go to Barnes and Noble and see Bondage for Dummies? Are they going to start putting direction arrows on dildoes? I don’t want to see “Insert this end” in big red letters on my strapon! That’s all I’m saying.

Some men don’t know how to go about finding a dominatrix. Believe me, the signs are there, you just have to watch for them. She’s checking out the leashes at Pet World, and when you ask what kind of dog she has, she says she’s allergic to dogs. She’s trying to tell the guy at H and R Block that her Truckstop Video Account is a business expense. When asked to use some restraint, she asks do you mean handcuffs or Velcro cuffs.

The last guy I had tied to my bed got loose and I’m pissed off at the Girl Scouts about that. While the boys all learned how to tie proper knots, we got to learn to cook and clean, and sew. Well, I’m not worried about this one getting away…I crocheted him to the bed!

Daniel: The nipple clamps sound interesting but I’m not much for hot wax.
N_: This is what he wants. He was over the other night and he wants it even rougher. He was pretty rough with me but there was one big thing missing. I never came. Daniel: That's no good N_: well, I didn't expect to tie him up or vice versa. You know how hard it is for me to be rough but I'm determined to be Daniel: Tie him up and get him good one way then do it again with your toy N_: I have that stuff ready too. Sorry we didn't get together Wednesday. He was your substitute… but with a lovely English accent Daniel: I have plans for you. The naive housewife N_: I get to be all dressed up nice first. Maybe I think you are taking me somewhere nice but we have to go back to your room first and you start kissing me nicely at first pretend like we are going to go dancing too before you turn the tables on me. Really lull me into a sense of safety, then wham Daniel: Can see you now, all done up, looking forward to seeing you wearing that nice black dress N_: maybe I should get a medic alert bracelet in case of being fucked to death, call... Daniel: Will have to come up with a safe word for you, in case I do go too hard N_: I'm sitting here with the stilettos on now and feeling stupid if he bails. I told him not to come before 11 but now it's midnight. I have no idea how hot wax should be dripped. Daniel: What do you plan to tie him down with? N_: the restraints I have and some telephone cord Daniel: Would love to see a pic of you right now! N_: you already know what I look like hon. I bought all this for you. Have you ever heard of guys wanting their balls tortured? Daniel: How?? N_: I'm asking you Mr. Porn expert. Every time I tried to look something up on here a hundred windows popped open. He said something about my knee. Do you think he wants me to press it down with my knee? Daniel: I couldn't tell you. I'm touchy with you even sucking my balls N_: do I hurt you? Daniel: It's on the border N_: I only want to give pleasure you know. I'll be gentler next time. Just tell me these things, I take direction pretty well Daniel: I'll make sure to tell you just how to suck when I’m forcing it down your throat. That will keep you from crying for help N_: you are pretty big, I might just choke. Maybe you better brush up on your CPR! It seems like I got out all the paraphernalia just to talk online with you tonight. Now I'm completely frustrated. I had planned on going to bed when he IMd me. I think I'm going to take off these shoes and go to bed. I would love to actually sleep with you sometime Daniel: Just cuddle up and fall asleep N_: yes
July 19, 2001
N_: Remember that guy I told you about that wanted the torture?
Daniel: was that the other night with the hot wax and everything? N_: yes. I don't think I ever will do that again. He kept asking if I could be rough enough with him and was I up to it Daniel: and were you? N_: well, I pretended I was. The door was unlocked and I was sitting in a chair like that one photo of me, black corset, black thigh highs, black stilettos, long black satin gloves and looking as strict as possible. I made him come kneel in front of me which he did. I slapped him in the face and I saw him try to hide a smile so I knew this was what he wanted. I took him over my knee and used a paddle-shaped hairbrush on his bottom till his skin was tinged with crimson. That sounds too poetic for what was going on. I blindfolded him and put him in restraints. Luckily I have a light touch and the candle wax was in such tiny little droplets that I didn’t hurt him much with that. I tied up his shaft with a telephone cord and squeezed his balls and he didn’t say anything. Then I used spring clothes pins on his nipples and he never told me to stop. Daniel: Not for me…I’m not into pain N_: I still feel bad about doing it. We had a safe word and he didn’t use it, but an hour after his arrival, he limped out of here in pain. I’m not a very good Domme’ I guess. I’m just not cut out to inflict pain.

August 27, 2001
Daniel: And what have you been up to lately? N_: well, I spent last weekend in a small studio apartment of a grad student in forensic psychology. We didn't even stop to eat till Saturday afternoon and I must have cum at least 50 times, no exaggeration. He was very sweet. We slept all curled up in his little twin bed Daniel: So fun fun fun all weekend long. How kinky did you get with him? N_: it wasn't like that. It was more like making love, very erotic and sensual Daniel: And do you plan on tying him up next time? N_: I don’t really think there will be a next time, but I did that recently to a different guy! I even got photos. I did the hot wax thing again and I used the strapon. It was a totally unexpected evening. He loved it. It was his idea when he saw it in my bag from the weekend. He said, "tie me up!" So I did. Wanna see? Daniel: A little on the wild side it looks like N_: Yes, it was fun. Now that I'm not performing, I have more time to play Daniel: Not doing stand up? N_: I just decided to take a long break.
Daniel: Nice not to have any pressure N_: yes, plus school is important and last year I had so much stuff going on. first the separation, then the divorce, then the surgery, then totaling my car, plus performing... Daniel: yeah, that’s too much at once
September 2, 2001
Daniel: Enjoying your day off? N_: I had to perform one more show last night and ended up taking the headliner home Daniel: And then what happened? N_: It was pretty exciting. He makes love like a Klingon, lots of biting! I actually spent the day after Christmas and New Year's with him too. He’s someone I met in real life at a Christmas party. He drifted away for quite a while but last night was great. He's the one who introduced me to full body massage. I was planning on doing some work today but it hasn't worked out that way Daniel: And you haven't enticed some young man back to your place yet? N_: well.... I've had several interested but tonight is a school night Daniel: That didn't stop you with me N_: You were pretty special. I would only do that with someone like you Daniel: Still thinking of how I would love to take you! I can't find women like you close N_: I thought you did Daniel: Well, someone a little on the kinky side N_: well I guess I'm getting company at 7pm Daniel: And what all do you have planned for him? N_: except for you hon, I never plan anything. I just let things happen. You are very high maintenance Daniel: Well, I like it that way with us; Nicely planned. We're more of a fantasy. Things you wouldn't ask of others but know this person will understand and try N_: yes. We probably would have a hard time doing "real life" together Daniel: exactly. I found a little computer generated pic that reminded me of us. N_: I've saved every photo you ever sent me and I bought all those things because of you Daniel: You look great all done up in that. Gets me very hard wondering what you might do next when you're in that
And yet again Daniel wandered into FMF land.

N_: hey, did I tell you I finally found those white anklets with the lace cuffs to go with the plaid skirt. I think we could have enough "scenarios" to keep us going for a long time. Seeing each other every once in a while and keeping in touch like this in between Daniel: Oh, yes, Exchanging fantasies. Is there anything you have ever fantasized about that we haven't covered??? N_: well, some day I might have to seduce you into two men Daniel: I don't think I could handle that. The only way is maybe if it was a VERY passable transexual. I would lose all interest with another naked guy there N_: I know a couple of guys who are willing and are not the least bit bi curious Daniel: No, but if I can't stay up, makes it useless N_: It seems as though we have each other at a slight impasse on fantasies. I'm going to have to get going in a little bit hon Daniel: Getting ready for your guest? N_: I almost forgot about him Daniel: Lucky guy N_: well, hon, if I lived near you.... Daniel: We would be fucking every night
September 18, 2001
Daniel: And what have you been up to? N_: I just finished some homework from my two night classes, defragged my hard drive, and rebuilt my desktop. I've been getting some about three times a week but no one special. Could you please clone yourself? Daniel: So you could have your way with me all the time or I have my way with you! N_: the guys I've met lately have been very nice but there are way too many. I could keep meeting new guys for the next couple of years. There doesn't seem to be an end to them Daniel: Busy little beaver N_: yes, and it's been nice but somehow I wish I had someone more ongoing that feels the same way about me. I know there are guys that like me but not enough to make it steady. Daniel: Have to give some a try N_: some???? Try 90! Most women never get to test drive that many men Daniel: Has to be one you like in that N_: he's taken and too far away, but I’m happy for him Daniel: Thanks. We'll see about sneaking something in for us sometime N_: I think that is my destiny. I’m not supposed to have someone of my own, but to be there for others. I think I was born to be someone's mistress Daniel: Would love to have you as mine N_: I'm yours already whenever you want me Daniel: Would love to see you like this. Naughty little school girl that drank too much N_: me with my plaid skirt all hiked up Daniel: You would get taken hard in that outfit N_: Honey I think you would take me hard no matter what I was wearing. Do you realize that you have sent me about 60 photos?
Daniel proceeded to send even more photos and it was almost funny how we both pushed so hard to be taken by the other. For me, it meant knowing I was wanted. I had spent so many years begging for sex that I just wanted men to take me. Obviously, men would not have met me if they didn’t want to take me to bed. I know that seems like selling yourself short but it was the piece of my life’s puzzle that had been missing and not having sex was not an option. If a man didn’t seem to have the libido to match mine, there was no interest for me.

October 2, 2001
Daniel: No visitors tonight? N_: no. I took my profile off EP too Daniel: Did you get the URL I sent you? It’s something you we would really love N_: I don't think I will have much use for that but thanks for thinking of me Daniel: What's wrong? Or did you find someone? You sound a little down about something N_: Yesterday was my birthday and I went to dinner with a stranger
Daniel: Happy b-day. Did you get a little something something on your b-day?? N_: thanks, and no. I could have but I didn't want to Daniel: Why not? Feeling ok??? N_: I don't just do everyone Daniel Daniel: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL N_ YOU POD PERSON!! N_: I want what you found. You have no idea how much I want that Daniel: And you don't think you would like that harness? N_: with whom? I only know one person I'd do that to Daniel: me? N_: Yes, so you see, I don't really have much use for it Daniel: You sound really down N_: sorry…I've been a bit disappointed lately by people I thought cared at least a little Daniel: With what or should I say who? What's wrong, what happened?
N_: so... how about those Vikings? I went to a chat room party over the weekend and then came home and took my profile off. It sucked. There were no young guys and they were all drinkers and smokers; it was a huge waste of time. I'm thru with EP and I even thought about taking my profile off here. I think I've shopped around enough.

November 12, 2001
Daniel: Hello N_. Are you back to having guys over all the time again? N_: all the time, no. I've cut back quite a bit and trying for more than one night stands Daniel: Getting a set of regulars set up for you then? N_: I have been trying but it's been hard. My Friday night wasn't part of that; he was a very spontaneous late night visitor. In all honesty, I didn't remember that he was a virgin. He was very playful and afterwards when he said he'd never done that before, I thought he meant meet someone from off the net and then he said, remember I told you I'd never had intercourse before. I did a virgin and didn't know it! He said he wanted to sneak up behind me so I let him. I was treating him very well all along and he really liked to be pampered so much. He made me change into the plaid skirt and red top though. He really liked that. He actually came almost before I did anything. It was great though. Oh I also sent you two pics. Daniel: I see that, thank you N_: an art teacher from Grandville wanted something special, just for him tonight and those two pics are for him. He was directing me. Most of them didn't turn out but he loved them Daniel: You never did anything like that for me N_: wait a minute… who went out and bought a strapon especially for you and took video and bought panty hose you could rip up??? Daniel: And I love you for it N_: well, I loved doing it for you too. I always wanted to please you Daniel: You did please me, just too far away for anything too steady N_: but if I would have been closer would you have considered me? Daniel: Yes N_: I love those pictures of you; especially the one where you fell asleep all worn out wearing that collar Daniel: You wore me out N_: yes but you fooled me and got your energy back Daniel: I take pride in my work N_: you are a prime example of a good Midwestern work ethic. Sweet dreams hon
December 8, 2002
Daniel: Hello N_
N_: OMG! I was thinking about you! I met your clone!!!! well, at least as close as I'm going to get
Daniel: So you don't need me anymore
N_: I can't have you. How's that going by the way?
Daniel: Ok
N_: Daniel please tell me a 28 year old guy could fall for someone like me
Daniel: I could, you're fun
N_: We met at a place close to here at midnight. He sat down and we had fun talking to each other. He kept telling me how cute I was and I kept thinking how cute he was. We just couldn't stop smiling at each other and he hung on every word I said about my job and he told me about his and then after about 15 minutes he said he was trying to figure out a tactful way to suggest going someplace else. Then everything was sort of like slow motion from that point on
Daniel: And what all did you do to him?
N_: he was quiet just like you the first time. Daniel he made love to me. It was totally that. I swear that is how I always wanted it to be with you. Slow and sensual, absolutely beautiful. He looked deep into my eyes so much and told me it was the most amazing night of his life. I swear I could have fallen in love last night except I am afraid to do that. He even looks a little like you but I didn't see it till he was leaving .Are you still there?
Daniel: Yeah, was letting you dream off for a bit, you seem happy
N_: well, today I am. He may never call again although he added me today. You found what you wanted, I am happy for you...and since I can't have you, I have to keep looking
Daniel: Yeah, I still wouldn't mind having you again if I could. If I was to see you again it would be for an afternoon thing. Something on a Sunday, and you would have to drive all the way down here.
N_: Daniel it sounds like you are already planning this. Have you tho

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