GT's and Me  

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1/2/2006 12:30 am

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GT's and Me

Today I took my 2 1/2 year old daughter sledding. The trek to the sled hill began with me strapping her into the bicycle trailer while fastening the brand new yellow and black GT Snowracer to the roof. I rode to the hill and she started squealing as soon as she saw the hill. I unloaded her and the sled and up we went. She went to the front of the sled and I to the rear and we were off. Those GT's are fast! Especially in these days of snow that is hard packed and barely freezing. Her and I were getting air and loving it.

I was driving more challenging runs on each pass and I was losing my caution - which can be a problem because I'm a risk taker on the snow. So... I asked her if she's ready for the tougher run. Daredevil kid says "yeah!" I didn't realize how many jumps there were on this particular run: most were no problem. We were approaching the largest which could handle with no problem 99 times out of 100 when alone on this same sled but suddenly my fear kicked in and I swerved to avoid it. We both went down. Phoenix was unhurt but the spill scared her. I had to comfort her fears and quit sliding for the day. Tim Hortons donuts became another apology. I don't think I'll do that jump with her for awhile - will be doing it by myself though....

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