The Dream...  

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7/20/2006 9:09 pm
The Dream...

The car turned out to be just a limo driver with a dozen white roses, but no note. Confused, you wait all afternoon, throughout the evening, candles burning low. Roses...but he never shows, was he sending an apology? Perplexed and dissapointed, you run a warm bubble bath and soak. You imagine him in the bath with you, and begin to touch yourself. But after a while you realize you just can't get into the mood. You've been stood up, and it hurts, you were actually really looking forward to this encounter. You blow out the candles in your room, and lay down feeling something you can't make sense of...a longing, a sadness? Eventually sleep draws its dark blanket over you, and you sink into the world of dreams. Everything is hazy here, time is not connected, and you drift through several revelries and adventures. Then he comes to you in your dreams, a dark shape at first, but you are not afraid. You know it is him, his face becomes clear to you, his smile so happy to see you, his eyes filled with passion. You rush to him in that dreamlike bliss, and connect with a burning fire. His strong arms are around you, his lips tasting yours.You are now in the throws of passion in your dream, he is doing things to your pussy that seem unimaginable, limitless pleasure is coursing through your body. This dream seems so real, the pleasure is too intense. As you slowly come to this realization, the fog of sleep lifts from your mind, but the pleasure stays real, burning deep inside you. You are now suddenely aware of where you are, and your heart is pounding. You feel a soft, wet tongue caressing your swollen pussy, and look down to see him outlined by the candlelight that has been lit again. He looks up at you, a desire in his eyes, softened by a warm smile, then resumes his seduction, sucking your wet lips into his mouth. A dizzying feeling of bliss you can't describe fills you, you thought this night had ended with such dissapointment. You make an attempt to touch his head with your hand, wanting more, getting aroused, when you realize you can't. Your hands are tied to the bedposts with black leather straps. A rush of panic as well as excitement fills you. You are trapped enjoying this erotic pleasure. his tongue is caressing you in your sensitive spot now, flicking your clit with building intensity. He inserts two fingers into your wet pussy, and coaxes a warm building excstasy massaging your g-spot, as he rolls his tongue back and forth over your clit. You now feel a deep, building orgasm growing from two areas at the same time, your swollen clit, and from deep inside you. This is too much, you can't take it, and try to squirm away from his warm, relentless tongue, his gyrating fingers, realizing that you can't, your ankles are tied to the posts as well. There is no escape, you just have to take it, and the feeling overwhelms you, sending you into waves of deep pleasure, a building orgasm that was long in the making. Your head explodes with sensations, and the feeling is too much as you try to gasp for air, tingling all over. You don't realize you pass out, it was just too much too handle. A little while later, you awake again, with a sudden start, hoping it wasn't all a dream. Your hands aren't tied anymore, and the lights are off...but there is a different restriction on your body. You feel his muscles under his skin, the warmth from his body, as he lays next to you, holding you, watching you while you slept, a soft smile on his face. You throw your arms around him, and press your lips to his, kissing him, trying to get enough, to steal his breath in your passion. Then the night fades to morning as you make love with him anew.

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