Poetry - Had you seen me  

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11/21/2005 10:35 am

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Poetry - Had you seen me

Had you seen me

Had you seen me the other day
You wouldn't have known it was I

I was lost in a world all it's own
And it wasn't even mine

Should I have invited you?
I don't think so

The place I was at
Only had limited seating
And without a reservation
One of us might have had to stand

It was not lit very well
For I had trouble seeing clearly

Everything outside of arms reach
Was fussy and impossible to make out

I tried to stand and move about
Only to hit things and fall

I almost gave up
Then couldn't give up
To dam determined to get back to where I belong
I fought my way through things I don't even know

It took me quit sometime to find the hallway back to you



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