Just Didn't Ring my (door)Bell...  

rm_arlingguy 48M
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4/15/2006 4:22 am
Just Didn't Ring my (door)Bell...

Last night was bizarre. Someone knocked on my door at 10:30 last night (Friday) and it turned dout to be a guy who I had had a date with a few weeks ago. Dude just showed up at my door with a bottle of white wine. Now maybe I'd think that was romantic if it was someone nI had been dating for a month, but after one date? And showing up at 10:30? Oh yeah.... and with 1/2 a bottle of wine?

Come on, guy... want to be a little bit more transparent and a little less tacky? I mean heck, if you want to coax someone into bed, at least spring for a full bottle of wine rathe than bring remnants that had been sitting in your refrigerator.n And I'm sorry, but showing up at my door unannounced at 10:30 -- Friday or any other night -- isn't gonna get you anywhere unless either I have feelings for you or I'm intensely lusting after you (had either of those been the case, he may have got what he wanted).

I did ask him in (I should have just sent him packing), but once we were both sitting on the couch, I leaned back against the arm and sort of curled up into a ball, sort of an uninviting position as far as company is concerned. He reached out and tried to run my arm, which I moved away, then he put his legs on the couch and tried to use his feet to rub my leg, which I moved away.

He never did take the hint til I told him I was getting tired. Of course I could have cut it short a loot sooner by not letting him in the door in the first place.

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