erotic 2  

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6/19/2006 4:04 pm
erotic 2

I see you enter the changing room next to the parking area. You’ve been teasing me for most of the day. It all started as soon as I got to the lake. We caught each others eye very quickly and since then we have flirted in an inconspicuous way. You look over your shoulder at me as you place the “closed for cleaning sign” on the outside door knob. I get your unspoken invitation but I wait for a few minutes before I enter the room. As I enter I hear the spray of the shower and almost leave until I hear you call out to me. I move to the shower area and find you standing there completely naked. I am so turned on by the sight of your body that I freeze but for a moment. I move to you and my lips tear into yours like I am devouring an orange. Your hands slide down my back and release me from my swim trunks. I am erect and so at your complete mercy. You slide down my body and I begin to tremble. You kiss me on my stomach and further along until you find what you really want. I cry out as your lips close upon me. I lean against the wall to support myself from collapsing. The water washes down my body and over your head as you play me like an instrument. It is now that I cannot stand anymore. I pull you up to me and kiss you before I return the favor you just gave to me. My tongue finds its true home and I drink you as much as the water that flows over your swollen clit. I pull and tease until you start to spasm…then I plunge my tongue inside you to find a heat unimaginable. You grab my head hard and begin to forcefully ride my face against you. My hands, which grab the roundness of your ass, pull you even tighter. You explode and the echo of your scream carries inside the room. It sounds like a thousand orgasms at once and I move to enter you while you are still recovering. I plunge deep inside you and begin to slam into your backside. You place your hands upon the wall as I drive you into a series of non-stop orgasms. Your juice, mixed with the warm water, flows down my legs. It is warm and it drives me into my own orgasm which almost makes me pass out. I pull out and clasp you to me as I kiss you tenderly. It is then that I say ”Honey, Let’s do this again next Week”.

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