I have been being a good boy.  

rm_aranayd 47M
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8/10/2006 3:30 pm

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8/19/2006 10:10 pm

I have been being a good boy.

I case anyone is actually reading this, I thought I’d drop a note about why I haven’t dropped any notes in the last few days. In short, I’ve been being a good boy.

After using almost three hours to write out that story the other night, I had to chastise myself about time wasted. In case you, the reader, don’t know, I’m trying to write a fantasy novel. And, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I can be long winded sometimes. My manuscript isn’t nearly a third finished and is already approaching the five hundred page mark. With the way it keeps growing, a trilogy seems likely at this point. But, since I’ve never done anything like this before, I haven’t shown it to anyone, and don’t intend to until I finish it. So, I am acting as my own editor, critic (and I’m a harsh one), and researcher. I’m also my own agent too. At least in the way of having to set my own deadlines, and meet them. I have to push myself to make progress because no one else will. Sometimes that’s not as easy as it sounds, so when I get inspired to write, I should use it wisely. And, I’m sorry to say, writing an erotic story is not wise use of my time. Besides, I know the story wasn’t all that great, or well-written, to begin with, so I had to step back and buckle down on what might just be my ticket out of the 9-5 rat-race.

…from over his shoulder he hears the voice of his own ambition. “Quit wasting time, you slacker! If you have time to type this much, put it to good use!”

Sorry. I, uh…I have to go.
(whispers) I’ll try to sneak in another story soon.

rm_loneremily 34F
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8/12/2006 11:18 am

You'd better write hot stuff for me!! You'd better!! You would make a MUCH better writer of kinkdom than fantasy!

rm_aranayd replies on 8/13/2006 7:48 pm:
Hold on now... I said I'd try. And anyway, you have a bias against the fantasy genre, so that doesn't count.

twirly_girl 48F

8/19/2006 9:38 pm

The story I've been working on for two years is a fantasy story too.

It's good you don't share it. When you go to publish most publishers
don't want work that has been previously published. Once you post it on-line it's published.

One of my best friends in SC just had her first novel published in paperback. I did a lot of brainstorming and editing with her. It was a lot of fun and helped me to look for things in my writing that I don't usually pay any attention to. Like using the word "and" too much or using words ending in "ly" too much. But since my writing is strictly for me and not for publishing, I try not to follow any of the publishing / editing laws of writing.

Good luck with it.

I have a pic that goes with the one you have on this post.


rm_aranayd replies on 8/19/2006 9:46 pm:
I have no idea where that pic came from. I found it online somewhere. I hope it isn't a problem for me to post something like that. I'm not looking to cause trouble, just thought it was too cool not to share.

twirly_girl 48F

8/19/2006 9:48 pm

Silly man. I steal all my blog pics.


rm_aranayd replies on 8/19/2006 10:04 pm:
Kewl. I had hoped as much.

As for the wording in writing, you're absolutely right. That's one of the things I'm most critical about; he/she overuse, too many "and-but-or-if"'s. My roughest-drafts are lousy with them, but I clean it up fairly well.

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