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5/25/2006 2:11 am

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fuck finder.

i woke during the night with a BANG as once again i fell out of bed and hit the floor with a slap i climbed back into my cot and tryed to get off again but no go.so got up and read some blogs on adult fuck finder christ i have wrote some ballox but i suppose had was the way i was thinking, i have a major prob. i am to honest my whole outlook on life changed a few years ago and i decided people can take me or leave me, theres no point in bullshiting folks its a bit like eating some fancy fish dish in a posh restruant because you want to look good when in fact your a chip and curry man and the fish makes you sick. i like people with class and style but i more so like people who are what they are. my folks looking back now did a good job in draging me up. as a teenager i only stole the best of motors. kidding ya, keep your hair on. but i have to say they did a great job even tho from time to time i was a proper scallie wag. so to my folks if your reading this thank you, you twisted mucky kinky bastards what ja doing on a site like this. i grew up well before my time by the time i was 15 sex drink and drugs were normal saturday night stuff i left home at 16 to go out into the world and find myself. i`m now an engineer by trade but a self employed grafter at heart, a proper space monkey in mind if plyed with the right fuel, i live alone in my cave in the sticks so i can play my music loud and put it all together when i need too. plus it helps that my neighbours cant hear the ladies scream. life came together for me more ferociously than i thought it would have. my family and funnly a few ex girlfriends worry about the way i live and work and about the fact that i`m not married. we`ll see if at the time if it feels right??? i might give it ago, i dont belive it marrage i think it puts pressure on people more so than anything else, but i do see all the sides to it. anyway i`m ranting on here a bit, fuck and i aint even married , now ADULT FUCK FINDER has being great fun for me but i am starting to get very bord i think i need to find an even more mucky site. i see sex as a very normal man made drug. man made as in you can put anything into it in order to make it more fun, its all in the mind how you spice it up its up to you? i`m a kinky rascal at the best of times but only when i`m with like minded rascaless`s but it can only be 100% fun if they give themselfs to me in full. a while back i said to a girl i was with tell me something kinky you would like to do, after 30 mins of stilly childish stuff she game up with having a block of ice rubed up and down her back??? BALLOX. get your legs open i told her and gave her an ice lolly from the fridge to suck on while i shaved her pussy. i had a hard job getting her to go home the next day. thing is now i`ve had a proper head fuck and am in need of new ideas, any help will not go unrewarded, thanks aqustic.

HBowt2 60F

5/27/2006 4:23 am

new ideas...shit ..you should have asked.....

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