Where are u?????  

rm_aqish007 33F
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6/8/2006 7:38 pm
Where are u?????

Late dinner for me lasnite. Once I got home, chatted with ma frens a bit, we dismissed soon my big bro came back.

Ok, there he was, eating nect to me. But he was gone when I about to hug him, and give him a tender kiss. I asked my mom, where is he? "Off for a meeting", replied my mom. I was so confused. I miss him and didnt meet him for quite some time. Without wasting time, I grab a motorbike parked nearby, then speed off(hope i can get him). Owhhhh My Goodness, its a cliff in front there and i couldnt stop my bike. I grab a rope hanging there, I have no idea where it comes from, but thats the only thing can save me. There was a lot of people coming to rescue me. Hey, fireman also there!!!

Knock Knock!!!!! "Hey, its 8am. Are'nt u working today??" Thats my big bro.
I was dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: Seriously i miss the guy in my dream lasnite. So much. Should I tell him???

birchingphobia 41M

6/8/2006 8:30 pm

You should! Remember sumthing bout emotional transperancy?

ps: Fireman? Kinky!

rm_Memphiston 40M
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6/8/2006 10:16 pm

well women like guys in uniform...aqish when are u gonna yah33 me?

wet_pussy4ever 44F
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6/8/2006 11:17 pm

for a moment, ,i tot u could ride d bike hhmmm. wat a dream

yeah. u shld. if u know d guy


blackstiletto 34F

6/9/2006 2:30 am

I really thought you were merepek-ing again until I read it was all a dream. Haha!

shahalamrover 37M
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6/9/2006 12:39 pm

i guess there's sumthing gonna happen. somehow a riddle.

rm_troyx 40M

6/11/2006 9:46 pm

Hi there Aqish,

I was wondering if you would like to have that breakfast with me on Wednesday??? I will be in KL for work and would be able to meet up - if you want to...

Do let me know - can e-mail me at troy_leex at hotmale.

Just would like to get to know u better...

rm_guitarboy70 57M

6/14/2006 4:28 pm

aquish............if you like someone that much tell them.........there are lots of ways to let them know that you like them...try one


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