Confession of a Friend part 1  

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4/20/2006 9:09 pm
Confession of a Friend part 1

Hye all, lasnite my close buddy came over to my place and we had a nice chat and nice time together, since we got nothing to do, i suggested that we write down our confession but i didnt confess that much...

It is sooo long, anyway do enjoy it.

Aqish amn bored, and hungry a bit. Sailing now, sailing now .” Making love out of nothing at all” is playing on my laptop now. Well, a friend here is sleeping, and I feel like want to kick his ass LOL.
Friend: Fuck you! I’m the so call friend and it’s my time to write. Sean Paul is singing at the moment. Baby Boy if I’m not mistaken. Hmmm… She’s bored? Yeah right… How being an Aqish can be boring? I wonder…. Anyway, just finished watching her bell dancing which is sooooo cool! Just love her belly move to an Indon Rock music and her boobs almost slip out. And yes, after 2 weeks, I still need to park my penis correctly whenever I watch the video. You guys should just watch it! It’s full of erotic, kinky, cuteness and simply funny elements. Heheheh… I know, I’m the choreographer.
Aqish: Ahha, “the look of love” now, means its my turn to write. Huhuhuhuhu what to write ah… owhhh the gymnast is doing their routine on TV, and my fren ask me to do so, dying kamasutra according to him.
Friend: Hahaha! And if you can bend like those gymnast… You’ll be the guru. Anyway, The Look of Love is my song lah. Whenever I wanna fantasize something, this is the song. Anyway, her house is soooo cool. Thanks to ahem… ahem… And ya, to enter you need to make sure ahem.. ahem… is not around. Ever watch “Unfaithful”? Ahem… ahem… would be Richard Gere and I would be the cute French guy. I forgot what his name but for sure, he’s Kylie Minogues’ boyfriend. Ok.. she just did some kinky staff here… Woaaaa… she can really split her legs. Though it’s not perfect but you can imagine how flexible she can be. Ok. So my first fantasy today would be she resting her legs on the wall while I do “inspection” at her love hole. Muahahahaha!

Guys… when she says she’s horny, it doesn’t mean she’s horny. It really means she’s bored BUT if she said she’s bored, actually she’s horny. Hmmmm… let check her first sentence… Yup! She’s damn bored… Aha… Lucky me? Thank you. Thank you.

Aqish: You PIGGIE PIGGIE he is nut. Love this song… “you sang to me”. Uwhhhh must be damn great if this song is on air while making love, aite. Pstttttt… actually am splitting my legs to practice kicking his ass. And he didn’t know lol

Friend: Last 2 day, she was singing to me! Hahaha! Well, what can I say, maybe she’s not a Malaysian Idol’s material but she really sounds nicer without a mic. Maybe mic makes her nervous. Hmmm… bad experience with “wiggling” mic? Hehehehe. Singing and making love doesn’t blend at all. Just imagine if the girl don’t have any mic phobia… Damn! That’s painful la idiot! Well, kicking my ass… Yeah right. I’m so use to her ass kicking that now it feels more like a lame spanking. Hehehe!
Know what? She laughs like a puppy. Well, it’s ok with me. It’ll be NOT OK if she laugh like a popeye. Damn... I don’t know whether she know that she looks better in the short she’s wearing at the moment than her jean skirt. I dunno why but I really hate that skirt. It makes her ass look smaller and her thigh a little bit bigger. Whenever she wear that skirts, I look at her as she’s a walking plywood with small fluffy pillow on her back side. Talking bout her backside, now her back looks much better. I dunno why but maybe the lighting in that room make her back look better. Her ass? Flabby! Hahaha! Just kidding. Yeah… I have to agree she has nice butt (she threatens me man!). One more thing, whenever you get a chance to sleep beside her, watch out for your nose. The other day, I of her toes ended in my nostril. Yuck!

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