rm_anytimeonce 55M
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7/27/2006 7:54 am

Last night was a good one, this is twice this week. What a week, I met this lady last night at a party and did we hit it off. We danced and heald each other close while dancing and it was real nice to hold someone that close. We went to the bar for a while and talked. It was tiem to call it a night and she asked if I would be interested in continuign the night and beign a gentleman I agreed. I started out nice and slow and continued that way until we feel asleep in each others arms. It was great to slowly remove each others clothes like a strip tease. I really enjoyed starting at her ankles nad licking her her leg and her thigh. I kissed to inner thigh and she really got excited and went on to kiss and lick her sweet spot. I continued to her stomach and to her breast and neck. By that time she had enough of that and grabbed me like I have never been grabbed before. It was a slow long fuck for the night. It was a great night I hope I can have another like that one!

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