Sexual Feng Shui of healing depression  

MassyVendiFaces 41M
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3/20/2005 6:32 pm

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Sexual Feng Shui of healing depression

Human being, getting together is like a force of nature, for lust and forbiden pleasures is as powerful as can be in nature. Man as wood and woman as fire in nature.
Relaxing and drinking a cup of tea together. Taking a walk in nature, locating a flat sitting stone. Allow him to sit first following you sitting on his laps. Remove each other shoes and then cloth and stimulate each other region of pleasure naturally and with tools of nature, followed by the man inserting his wood (penis) in her her fire (virgina), consuming in each other desire and power of nature releasing depression, stress and negative vibes but at one with nature enjoying passion and understanding of others as human being.

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3/20/2005 10:51 pm

I can just imagine what the scene was like. great use of visual words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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