Win some lose some  

rm_anydoor2 65M
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6/21/2006 2:51 am
Win some lose some

In my quest to have extramarital sex with a willing other, I have had 1 wild encounter with a happily satisfied lady who had gone without for 7 years, she said ,and the intensity of the episode reflected that.I met her when I first joined this site about 4 months ago.
Previously and subsequently,I have turned to payladies and found a vast variation in service provided.I recently had a great session which was the best sex I have ever had but that lady is only available on irregular occasions so I may never meet her again.So sad.I know another place where I can get almost as good with 1 particular lady but she is not always available so I pick next available and have had big letdown several times.
This brings to mind the sick joke,but on the mark in my life,which goes like this.
Man visits doctor and asks for birth control pill for his daughter.Doctor asks,,Is she sexually active? Man replies,,No she just lies there and does nothing just like her mother.
This is the situation I have encountered with pay ladies who on 1 occasion even said ,, you may only look and don,t expect to be touched and you can jerk off while you look at me.As I was leaving I asked the doorman why she was even there.

I guess you win some you lose some.Hopefully more wins.

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