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Wow you are weird, You even write messages to yourself.

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2/27/2006 12:39 am

I saw your post about you worrying about STD's. I just got herpes and ya it does suck. I never used a condom but the area where herpes came into my body was also an area the condom could not protect me from (pelvic area and lower stomach for when she was on top of me and her juices flowed down I suppose). The virus was easily able to get into my pores. It doesn't work the same for every person. There is an anti-viral gel they are testing right now thats almost 100% effective but hasn't been released yet as far as I'm aware of. That and the Herpes Vaccines (one to prevent women from getting Herpes and the other two which helps to stop Herpes outbreaks). The girl never knew (or so she claims) that she had it. I've read everything about it on the net as I could...

*80-90% of people have Herpes Simplex Virus-1 (mostly cold sores that effect the mouth and face but also can effect the genitals especially through oral sex)

*20-30% of people have Herpes Simplex Virus-2 (mostly genital herpes but again can effect the mouth and face)

If you had a room of 10 people 2 would only know they had either of these. Some people experience no symptoms at all (like my GF) and other peoples DNA (like mine) the virus is like a wildfire on a hot dry summer day. In my first outbreak I've had a fever twice...sore throat throughout...major peeing pain...lesions all around my groin...sore back...sore lymph nodes. After about 3 weeks I finally feel normal again. Now I have to tell any future potntial partner that I have HSV and hope they dont run for the hills. I don't know if my genital herpes is HSV-1 or HSV-2 yet as I haven't had a chance to talk to my family doctor about the specifics. So ya...STD's suck...........

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