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3/7/2006 2:43 pm

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More Wine

It was hot that summer day....too hot outside for doing anything in the back yard. My girlfriend and myself had been sitting out on the patio....both wearing our new halter tops and shorts....mine a bright white and Becky’s a nice navy blue in color....just sipping on some really nice wine. But.... the coolness of the darkened living room drew us inside. We had been drinking on just one bottle that day. We had spent most of that day just talking about the typical girl things....when someone knocked on the front door. “I wonder who that could be” I asked Becky. “No one was planning on coming over today.” boyfriend was standing there in the doorway. “Hi hon” I said as I led him into the living room. I introduced Becky and asked if he would like to join us and have some wine. About the time I had just served Jim.....I heard knocking coming from the front door again. When I opened the door....I was really taken aback. There....standing in the door.....was all six foot four inches of him.... other boyfriend. I started feeling very nervous. And then embarrassed when I introduced him to Jim. My palms were getting clammy. I could feel the blood rushing into my face. Becky went ahead and poured him some wine and we started chatting about almost everything. Then it happened.....that damn door....I was ready to go back outside then and not answer it at all. guessed it.....Joe…another boyfriend.....and Becky’s’ roommate. Three different boyfriends....all there together...not knowing about the other....God....I felt like I had stepped into another time....maybe the Twilight Zone. Time for more wine.
Continued in the next installment…….

AmberSolaire 43M

3/7/2006 3:15 pm

mhm intrigued as to where this is going........


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