Women, ya gotta love  

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2/16/2005 8:35 am

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Women, ya gotta love

I went out with my waitress friend last night. I agreed no sex, just dinner & talk. I wanted her and would have taken her right there on the table, but I'd promised to be good.

I've known this lady for over a year. Though it’s been on a professional level. She’s a waitress in a topless bar. I know her breasts well. Having stuffed many a dollar down her front and even taken a nibble or two on them. She’s joined in when co-workers have been working on me. So I know her head to toe. Having kissed, sucked and licked all of her wonderful parts.

We had a great dinner. I avoided comments about the use of certain food items for sexual purposes. We really talked, staying away from the real reason we were together.

She wore this wonderfully low cut top that exposed her breasts almost to her nipples. Her bra was black and of the push-up type that barely held her breasts in check. When she leaned forward the pink of her nipples were exposed. She had on a black mini skirt with black fishnet stockings.

We talked easily and I learned a lot about her. She knew my story, but I recanted it again, revamping parts for interest sake. We were at an area called the Kemah Boardwalk. It is on Clear Lake and is midway between Houston and Galveston.

We left the restaurant and walked out to the pier. The air was warm and thick. A fog was just rolling in from the lake.

Do you want all the details? Or should I just say “Wonderful things happened on the boardwalk last night.

I suggested we go to a more inducive location, like her place. She replied, “Not on a first date.” Women, ya gotta love ‘em.

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