We need to back up a few days - Thursday  

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2/12/2005 11:14 am

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We need to back up a few days - Thursday

Seeing how I didn’t find this blog goody until Friday, I at least want you to know that I’ve been busy.

I headed out to my favorite strip club. Nothing is better for the soul than to be surrounded by gorgeous, almost naked women. Which can be easily enticed into removing it all.

I was there to work on my favorite waitress. She’d hinted about us getting together after work. And I was there for a follow-up.

We exchanged phone numbers and a date was set.

I’m a transplanted Californian and strip clubs there have no touching rules. When the girl’s tops come off they have to keep at least 3 feet away from you.

Texas strip clubs are great!!! Not only can they get close, they rub their breasts on you. I’d die a happy man with my face buried in a woman’s chest and a nipple plugged into each ear.

Ok, I digress. This was "bring your own bottle" day so we had a great time getting rid of my fifth of Tequila. I’d actually brought it as a gift for my waitress friend, who shared it with myself and two other girls.

I needed to kill some time to sober up so I bought a couple of dances from one of the girls. The first thing the girls do is take off their top & bottoms. Wearing only a thong. Touching is ok, so I touched everything I could & places I shouldn’t. But what is that, between consenting adults.

She’d done a good job of getting me hard so I loosened my pants and slid out my dick. I’d been massaging her clit with my index finger and replaced my finger with my cock. She smiled and kept grinding against me. I tried to slide into her but she skillfully avoided my probing.

She looked at me as though I was a wicked naughty boy, who needed to be punished, then she arched her back and I was in. I was shocked & delighted at the same time. I held her waist then nibbled at her breasts. One more thrust of her hips and the music was over.

My waitress friend came into the booth and said, “your not one of those guys with a massive dick are you.” “I just can’t handle those.” She looked down at my tool still throbbing from the dance and said, “Thank goodness, give me a call”

I was still trying to catch my breath when my cell rings. It's my brother-in-law. I've got to go home. It seems my sister some how got bitten by my horse & I‘ve got to pick up her kids while they go to the emergency clinic.

Well now it’s out I don’t have a massive dick. Let’s face it. "It’s not size that matters, it’s how you use it." That's my story & I'm stickin' to it.

Another time dear waitress.

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