The woman's side - my date's review  

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3/2/2005 11:49 am

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The woman's side - my date's review

Moonwolf Dragonstar wrote:
Thanks for the pics looking forward to seeing more of them (and making more, too!). Made me wet just downloading them to my computer!

So here's the LJ post about our date:

OK, so Friday I FINALLY managed to get together with JR. We'd tried a couple of times to get together before, but had managed to miss each other both times.

This time, I planned to meet him right after I got off work. Since it was payday, I knew I'd be at work until around 8, so I set up the date for 9 am.

I also decided to do something I hadn't done in quite a while. The night before, just before I went out to work, I got out the Depth Charge vibrator (it's about 3 inches long, half an inch in diameter, waterproof and completely self contained with a string attached so it's made to be inserted), turned it on, and put it as deep inside my pussy as I could get it. Then I got dressed and headed out to work! I knew that this particular vibrator would keep me in a heightened state, but it isn't powerful enough
to make me cum all by itself.

During the night, I was SO horny and wet, I almost couldn't stand it! But since almost any adult web site is blocked at work, I was getting really frustrated trying to find a little added stimulation to while away the long hours of a dead Thursday night at work. That's when I started doing some searches on LJ and discovered that there are sexually oriented communities out there and between them and some of the individuals who are members of these communities that there were actually LJ entries out there
that read like a halfway decent porn novel! I was still frustrated most of the night, but at least reading through the entries made the time go faster!

Anyway, I got off work at 8, and headed to the Waffle House to meet JR. Got there about 20 til, and knew I'd have to wait until he showed up. So I'm sitting there with the vibrator still in my wet, willing pussy, and hoping to hell that JR doesn't decide to stand me up in exchange for my having done that to him last week. 'Cause if he stands me up, I'm just apt to find some
poor, unsuspecting guy, and attack him right there in the Waffle House!

Anyway, right on time, JR appears. We'd both seen pictures of the other online, so we each other immediately. We sat and chatted and had a light breakfast before heading over to the house he's remodeling to play. I wondered, since he'd said that he was working on the house whether or not there would actually be furniture in the house, and if not, how we were going to work this. Turned out JR had already thought of this and had an air mattress in the house ready for us to use to play on. We both hauled our toy bags into the house, and while he ran out to get his other equipment bag, I reached into my pants and pulled the vibe out of my pussy.

Once we got everything into the house, and JR filled up the air mattress, we proceeded to take our clothes off. We didn't play around with undressing each other, we just peeled out of our clothes. I had my shirt already off when JR stopped me and asked me to let him take some pictures before I got completely out of my clothes. He loves to take pics, which thrilled me, cause I've been trying to get someone to
take some action shots for me for quite a while, now. So he got out the camera and snapped a few shots while I took my clothes off. He then laid me down on the mattress, and snapped a few shots of my pussy.

Next he asked me to suck his cock, which I was more than happy to do. We moved around and he laid down on the mattress, and while I sucked his cock, he snapped pics.

Next, we changed places, and he moved over me and said he wanted to introduce his cock to my pussy. Without another word, he moved forward and pushed his hard cock straight into my pussy. He pumped in and out of my pussy a couple of times, then reached over to pick the camera back up. He took several shots of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, then pumped for a few more minutes.

After a few minutes of this, he again reached for the camera and took some more shots of us fucking, my face while he fucked me, and his cock sliding in and out of my cunt.

After a while, we decided to change positions, and he also got out the video camera. This he set up on a tripod just next to the bed, and focused it so he could see the action. Getting me on my knees, he pumped my pussy from
behind for the camera. Then he decided he needed to move the camera around to a different position, and repositioned it at the end of the bed. He then proceeded to fuck me on my back again, trying hard to find a position where
the camera would capture his cock fucking me instead of just his ass pumping up and down. Don't know how much success we had with that.

Anyway, after a few more minutes, we started trying some different positions. Seems JR loves to just put his cock in a nice wet pussy and spend time just leisurely fucking for hours on end. We fucked like that for probably a half an hour or so.

We then moved back to the doggee style position, and he again positioned the video camera to catch the action. By this point, I was starting to feel myself building to climax, so I put my head down and braced myself against the wall. I moved my legs apart, and dropped my ass down as far as I could get it, so he'd have a really good angle on my cunt and my clit. After a few
minutes of this, we decided it was time to take a break.

He flipped over on his back and asked me to suck his cock. So I sat down between his legs and proceeded to give him a hand and blow job combined. At this point, I decided to try something I'd been wanting to try for a while.
So I reached into my toy bag and got out the bottle of peppermint essential oil (this stuff is medicinal grade and can be taken internally, don't try this with just any essential oil!), I sat back and placed one drop of the oil on my palm, then licked it off and went back down onto his cock! He really loved this, and told me so. So now I know I can use that one again.
At this point, he wanted me to sit on it, but that didn't work too well. I just couldn't seem to get the angle right. So he flipped me over on my stomach again and pushed into my cunt from behind again.

Once again, I dropped my ass down and spread my legs. He reached down with one hand and stuck a finger in my ass. Then he moved his hand around and inserted his thumb as far as he could get it up my ass. He finger fucked me with his thumb all the way into my ass as he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy. The combined sensations of his thumb in my ass and his cock in my pussy pushed me over the edge and I started the most intense orgasm I'd had in a while. I just kept cumming and cumming for at least the next 5 minutes as he pumped his cock in and out of my cunt and his thumb in and out of my ass. Finally, as I was coming down from my orgasm, I felt him tense and shoot his load deep into my pussy.

He immediately pulled out and, telling me not to move, he grabbed the camera to get some post-cum pics of my cunt.

Then we settled down to cuddle, talk and get to know each other better. We talked about the house, his family, and other things in our lives. We discussed other sexual encounters we'd both had and talked about meeting people online.

We talked for a while, changing positions every so often until I managed to position my cunt under his hands again. He non-challantly rubbed my cunt lips and occasionally brushed my clit for several minutes. Then, he finally brought his hand down and stuck two fingers deep inside my pussy. I reached around and started working on getting his cock back into action, and soon we were fucking again. This time, there was no rush to get to orgasm, and we were just fucking for the fun of fucking.

So we just fucked for a while and then decided that we both really had other things we needed to be doing. So we reluctantly disengaged his cock from my pussy, cleaned up and got dressed.

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