why are there such wankers in this world  

rm_amreadyish 61M/53F
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3/12/2006 4:17 pm

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6/9/2006 1:15 pm

why are there such wankers in this world

i am truly upset tonight...
we have spent the last two or more weeks trying to build up a position of trust between ourselves and another couple.
i know it is always going to be difficult with couples we are the same there is mistrust because there are so many single male picture collectors out there pretending to be couples. we are careful ourselves.
HOWEVER just our presence on this site (and by our i mean everyone) suggest a degree of liberalism. so why can someone be so narrow minded as to be unable to accept that a couple can be together but not live together 24/7.
in the last week i have been accused of lying about my age because i am fortunate enough to look younger than i am (most people when lying about their age say they are younger not older thats how perverse i am)
my partner has been told her body does not fit her face???? what the heck does that mean?
my partner is not the slimmest person in the world and is self conscious about the fact so to be told that does not help.
and to top it all we can not be a couple because we do not live together!
we really liked the profile of the couple involved and having heard their tales of woe regarding the people they had met or tried to meet arranged a meeting with them....they didn't turn up..great did we give them a hard time over it ..... no we accepted their explanation and kept up the dialog....only to have it all thrown back in our faces.
we have now started again with another couple who given the same explanation of our circumstances said immediately fine we understand...they needed nothing more they knew and were cool with it
so for now bill be happy in your life and try and gain some tolerance
for our new friends and i will not name names but us dart playing arsenal supporters know who we are.....thank you and we are looking forward to double tops!!!!

buttluvver 59M
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4/21/2006 8:36 am

Hi agree with your comments, a lot of timewasters and deceivers on here. Loved seeing you on cam. If ever you fancy a solitary male to join you I will be happy to oblige. You both look good to me.

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