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9/27/2005 3:36 pm

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So they do blogs here now huh? Neat. I just uploaded a better picture too, this one's a year or so old now anyway.

I just turned 30 last week. Don't feel any different, and if family hadn't made a big deal of it I may not have noticed.

I'm training for the Baltimore Marathon in October. I'm not up for the whole shebang run as I just started a few weeks ago first time jogging. I'm in a team 10K relay, and each team member goes about 6 miles. I'm up to 5 miles yesterday, so I might actually survive this thing! We're not expecting to win or anything, just to have something to do. I'm not sure I'd call it fun at this point, but if I keep going after the race maybe it will become fun, after all the gasping for breath goes away.

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