Meaningful Relationships ??????  

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2/4/2006 9:52 am

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Meaningful Relationships ??????

As a pre op TS, people oft wonder why I am only interested in females or post op Ts. Yes at some point I can be deemed a Lesbian, but that is my choice and sexual preference. Why you ask, well for many reasons.
Females that are friends or girlfriends have a strong bond and comeraderie that they share with each other. They are sensitive and understanding to each others feelings. They are able to open up with one another. They show more compassion and love than their male counterparts. Primary reason being the chemistry in the body. Hormones play an integral part. That is why I opt to be with a woman.
Males on the other hand are easy to explain. Let me give a statistic here. A TS in a meaningful relationship is 5% or less. Now you do the math and where does this lead us to. The other 95% are looking for that one time fantasy. Yes, that trophy piece and bragging rights to their friends that they experienced a TS. Realistically, how many men would consider continuing having a relationship with you after being with you one time. I would venture to say the numbers are very small. Now put this in perspective, how many men will realistically introduce you to their parents or families. That number will be staggeringly low. One has to understand the mindset of a male. Testosterone controls their minds and not the one on top so much as the one down below. They have one thing and one thing in mind only. When you view their profiles what do you normally see. Here are the warning signs:
1.) usually a dick pic
2.) alot of times no pic
3.) why no pic, more than likely
4.) another reason is to avoid
embarassment, probably stated
looking for a TS in their
profiles and doesn't want his
friends or coworkers to see or
find out about him.
5.) crude and crass language with
no respect as treating you like
a woman.
So this is why my sexual preference is geared toward women. Unfortunately, I lived my life in the wrong body for many years. And I will stay and remain to stay as no trophy piece, no fantasy or no sex object for men.

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2/5/2006 8:39 am

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