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7/31/2006 2:00 pm

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I've just been to see Cars, and I recommend it to almost everyone.

Visually, it's spectacular. From the thrilling Nascar-style race at the beginning to the beautiful scenery, Pixar have done another fantastic job. The same with the characters; the individuality and expressions of the cars come through as people, not as caricatures.

And the story's good, too: punk kid with talent is driven (never apologise! never! moo hoo ha ha!) to succeed, and has no friends; he gets into trouble in a backwater town, on his way to the big race that will make his career, and has to spend time doing community service that he should have been spending doing training and making deals with sponsors.

It's a predictable story but well done and the writing and animation make it work. The young hotrod falls in love with the pretty city lawyer who had him put away, who herself is there because she is in love with the place. There's a bit of the boxer story in there as well, with Paul Newman playing the old, bitter, former hero whose advice helps save the day. There's also quite a lot of nostalgia about the once-booming town on Route 66 that has been bypassed by the Interstate.

It's a lovely story, with a lot of good humour. Why don't I recommend it to everyone? Well, I'm a sucker for romances, and I like nice family films that also have wit and good writing. Some people don't like 'nice'. My ex-girlfriend would have hated it; it just isn't her kind of thing, which is fair enough and I'd have been going to see it on my own anyway. (We both laughed till we fell off our chairs at Sean of the Dead, though, "a romantic comedy, with zombies". Best use of a Queen song, EVAR!)

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