In Love with a Friend (Who Loves Another)  

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4/14/2005 4:53 am

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In Love with a Friend (Who Loves Another)

By s’Jon B. Piranha © 2004

Beautiful like the rising sun and just as hot between my lips, she has captured my affections. Voluptuous and attractive, it’s her mind I love the most; with skin as soft as a baby, almond and sweet to my tongue.

Junoesque is she. I am conscious of our differences, yet she inspires me to further accomplishments. Tempting to touch, her body writhes under my tender ministrations and she moans her approval excitedly. After she comes back to her thoughts, closing herself to me once more ‒ admonishing herself for our mutual passions for one another.

Any other time, we are jocose together, laughing and carrying on. It’s hard though, to stay just friends while she waits on another to commit to her love. As painful as it is to see her go to another after we’ve been together I shall wait for she is also my best friend and she’s worth it, though I will continue the fight.

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