True Stories - already taken  

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8/24/2005 6:45 pm

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True Stories - already taken

So about a year ago I was in Vegas w/ about 8 friends. A friend and I hit on two girls in a club, one hot, one ugly. Luckily my friend had a girlfriend, and was only acting as wing man, so he didn't minding getting the lessor end of the deal. I ended up sleeping over that girl's hotel room, and hanging out with her the next night also. First night just fooling around in bed, with lots of dry humping, to my dissappointment. just about the same thing the second night. but we exhanged numbers and email. we started chatting online, and talking on the phone all the time. she was a pretty cool girl, who was also in the medical field, so we had a lot in common, and she was also into real estate, and the stock market. we were just friends though, b/c she had a boyfriend that she lived with for years. she only told me this after the first night in vegas. but as fate would have it, a hurricane blew down my medical school, (which is a story in itself), and i ended up finishing off the term at a school in Miami. which also happens to be where this girls brother lives. so we make plans for her to "visit her brother" and I go see her at her hotel room in south beach. I bring a bottle of wine, and we end up having sex before we even go to dinner. It was pretty mediocre. Then we eat dinner, sleep, have sex again, and i leave. Things were akward with her for a while after that. Then we kinda stopped talking. A month later, I get an email asking me that if anyone contacts me, asking what happened in Miami, "please, please, please don't tell them" and "no need to respond to this email". Sure enough, a few days later a guy calls my house looking for me, saying hes my friend from miami, and wants my new number. My mom knew i didn't have any friends named Todd, and that i probably never would. Then i star getting calls from secretaries at my medical school, telling me that a guy sayhing hes a doctor really wants to talk to me. but right before i call, i look up the area code, and sure enough its from the same podunk area as the girl. He starts calling my house every day. At that point i have to do something, so I call the girl and ask her what the hell is going on. to finish up quickly, her boyfriend found a bunch of emails, and saw her cell phone bill, and got very pissed off. not even knowing about the sex, which i can only assume was the reason he was calling. The last thing the girl says to me on the phone, "oh theres one more thing i should tell you, your gonna hate me, its actually my husband". that was about a month ago, i flet bad for a while, but console myself with the fact that ireally didn't know.
on a side note, that was the first pair of fake breasts that I had ever felt. very hard. she caught me poking the side of her breast, as i was trying to see if i could feel under the bag, she asked if i was trying to tickle her, i said yes.

i think i left out some juicy parts, and remembering what website i'm on, now i feel silly. gotta get to bed, will fill in parts later

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