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My Fantasy

After reading, if anyone would enjoy helping me with this, please let me know.

"A Simple Gift"

While walking through a secluded part of the park, I notice a woman sitting by herself at a picnic table, facing away from both the table and myself. I strolled wide around the table to be able to walk towards her from the front. At this point, she didn't notice me, but I did see her clearly now.

She was wearing a tee shirt, baggy soccer shorts, and sneakers. It didn't take me long to realize why she hadn't noticed a guy standing twenty feet in front of her, as she had her head arched back, eyes closed, and her hand was up the leg of her shorts. Seeing this turned me on, and I wasn't in a position to and was also unwilling to hide the erection tenting my shorts.

I wanted to help her, but needed a way of safely getting her attention. I walked up to a small bush and rustled the leaves, but it had no effect on the woman. I snapped a dead limb off one of the bushes, and it responded with a loud cracking noise. She was startled by the noise, jerked her hand out of her shorts, and sat up to face me. Her face was glowing from playing with herself, so I wasn't easily able to make out if she were embarassed or not. She was so startled by my appearance that she couldn't make out words.

Without a word, I walked casually up to her, and as I drew near, she noticed the bulge in my shorts and proceeded to smile. When I got to her, I kneeled down, and started kissing the inside of her thigh near her knee. Using my lips and tongue, I followed the inside of her thigh up towards her crotch. She began squirming and petting the back of my head. When I got to her shorts, I used one hand to hold the leg open while I coninued licking inside.

When I got to her crotch, I began to kiss it, kissing all around her pussy but not quite on it. "I'm such a tease," I think to myself. I stopped kissing her mound in order to send my tongue from the bottom of her pussy up, and run the length of my tongue along her clit. She jerks as if in pain, but I know better. I kiss her pussy, right on top of her clit, then bring my tongue out.

I begin by lapping the area around (and including) her clit, stimulating, and adding saliva as I go. When her clit gets very wet, I take my tongue and start working it across her clit, starting from the base, across the top, and to the other base. As she nears climax, I begin to stroke her clit more vigorously. When she starts to come, I change to moving my head back and forth sideways, making the width of my tongue rapidly drag across her clit.

I lap up and swallow her juices, then lean back, only to allow my middle finger to slip into her pussy. My finger slides all the way in, and I begin to use a 'come here' motion on her G-spot. Over time, her pussy walls begin to tighten up on my finger. As she nears orgasm, I move my head towards her crotch. Just that act makes her squirm and her pussy tighten more. That's when I feel it, the momentary relaxation of her pussy just before she comes. I make sure my finger's all the way in, and begin to lap her clit with my tongue. Her orgasm hits, and her pussy clamps down on my finger. While I can't move it in or out, I'm in position to keep massaging her g-spot. My mouth plants firmly against her pussy, continuing to lick her. I very carefully move along with her bucking, continuting to stimulate her until her orgasm subsides. After she calms down and her pussy releases my finger, I stand up, give her a kiss, and walk back to where I came from.

Possible second ending: As I stand up to give her a kiss, her hand moves to the front of my shorts and grabs my penis. She begins stroking me through the smooth and thin material of my shorts. The feeling is incredible, leaving me speechless. She continues to massage my crotch, looking at me and smiling. As I near orgasm, I announce it, and she simply nods and continues her work. Before long, I come, lubricating the shorts she's stroking me through, making me come even harder. After my orgasm subsides, she pats my cock gently and stands up. We kiss passionately for a few minutes, then turn and go our own ways.

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