baby update  

rm__Reality_ 106F
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5/26/2006 8:11 am
baby update

"Layne" is just over two weeks old! He's so cute!!

Mom and Dad are doing well! There was some trouble getting the baby to nurse but thats resolved. Dad continues to work two jobs, i worry about him. He's young and determined and i know many have done this over the years. He works from 7-3:30 on his regular job as a welder then dons the blue vest and works at Walmart from 4 to midnight. This happens three work days and all weekend. Zach is tired, but proud.

Molly will be going back to work and school, probably in July. I will then share babysitting duties with her Mom. Layne will not be going to daycare as long as we are able to help.

They are a sweet family and love their little son sooooooo much!!

Layne is definitely a redhead! Dad is dark but his twin has red hair. Molly has red hair. They hoped the baby would be dark like Dad but he isnt and it doesnt matter a wit, lol.

I so look forward to all that the future holds, life is worth living!

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