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I remember one day when i was feeling blue. Cam tried his best to cheer me up but i couldnt get past it. That afternoon i went to my email and started to laugh. Cam had a lot of handles on AdultFriendFinder. It had become a joke between us, he would create a new handle and go into the chatroom {the southern room by then}. I would know he was somewhere and had to figure out who he was. It wasnt that hard, all his handles had something to do with rocknroll.

In my email there were "hook up" notes from many different handles. "Blue Snood, Danger Zone, BatoutofHell, Bad Company, JT, Wolfwiththeredroses, CC, Cool_Change." They all propositioned me and ended with "Don't tell Cash." He could always make me smile *S*

He was always looking for ways to share his life with me. He'd call me during the frequent coastal storms. He'd go on the porch so i could hear the rain beating down, the winds blowin,the crash of the waves it was almost like being there! He had a program by which he could take me to websites himself, i'd just sit in front of the screen and go where he took me {sometimes places that made me blush}. Other times places he needed to research. When he was ready to purchase a new "mac" we spent hours visiting mac information sites.

He introduced me to "cheer wine" and "beanie weinies", sent my Mom cookies from a NC bakery, the only place to get them. When he wouldnt eat right due to feeling poorly i'd fill boxes with supplement drinks {Boost, Ensure} and send them to him. Cost more to send than to buy, but he'd drink them cuz i sent them.

We went along this way, loving one another long distance, doing the best we could. September 11 changed the world forever and it changed ours. I called him that morning ,the towers were gone.The world as we knew it had ended. No longer could we feel secure within our own shores. Enough was enough, not knowing what would transpire from here on end, knowing I had to touch this man, i began planning our move to North Carolina.

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