The day the ocean almost won  

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4/28/2006 7:30 am

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The day the ocean almost won

Cam and I had something special, we could both feel it. One day, while out doing errands, a sense of foreboding swept over me. I rushed home to find a message, Cam had had an accident, he was alright but such a close call. He had gone overboard. He was all alone out on the vast ocean no other boats in sight. He felt like it was over as he kicked off his shoes, stripped his jacket off and struggled to stay calm. God was with him that day. His boat now pilotless was circling him like a watchdog. It wasnt close enough for him to corral it, had it been it would have killed him. Someone on shore, using binoculars, saw the boat behaving strangely and knew immediately that something had happened. Jumping in their own boat they rushed to his rescue. He needed to be awoken all that night to make sure he was alright. I stayed up the whole night, calling him every hour on the hour breathing a sigh of relief when he answered.

Little did we know that soon he would face an enemy that no amount of love or vigilance could save him from.

Cam and I had a ritual by now. He would call late at night and we would talk until i could feel myself falling to sleep. He would let his voice get soft and low and would whisper lovely things. Just as we hung up i would say "I Love You" and he would answer, "I Love You, Tonight." One night, shortly after the accident we were saying our usual good nights. "I Love You Cam", "I Love You, Sherri"!! What?? where is the tonight at the end of the endearment. He said, i dont know how its possible, as incongruous as it may be, i feel Love . From then on our lives revolved around the telephone. Our calls each day numbered in multiples. I spoke several times to his parents, he spoke to my kids and friends. His Father, a spry, intelligent man in his 90's, his Mom a southern lady, in her eighties, devoted to her only child.

*S* i remember speaking to his Dad on "a.o.l" instant messenger. He wasnt really computer savvy but he managed. One night he seemed in a hurry to sign off. Later Cam told me that his Dad was sitting at the computer in his "drawers" and didnt think it was appropriate attire in which to speak to a lady!! Cam would sneak into the bathroom or wait till the middle of the night to call me when he was in Winston/Salem at his parents home. His Mom had a habit of walking in on his private calls, forgetting that he was no longer a teenager. He wasnt even a young man, we met when he was in his middle fifties. but, to her, he was her only boychild!!

Cam lived on an Island near Morehead City, NC. He would travel to Winston/Salem often as thats where his parents lived. He would say "ride with me" and i would talk to him all the way there! I remember how he always wanted to stop for boiled peanuts, yuck!! I wouldnt let him as he paid for it for days afterward.

We hadnt yet met, i know how unreal this all sounds. To us, it was as real as anything ever had been. We shared our lives, via the phone and computer. I know we loved. We loved before we met, after we met, and i'll love him forever even tho he's gone from this earthly life.

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