rm__Reality_ 106F
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10/3/2005 3:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I visited bitchy's blog this am and discovered more that we have in common.

My new daughter in law, Mother of myfuture grandchild arrived here with a faded sketch across her chest. Seems the prototype or whatever the hell you call it, didnt transfer to her skin so it needs to be done again. At first I was relieved, believing that this was just a temporary tattoo but I was soon informed that this is a model so the artist can follow the sketch while he injects permanent ink into her beautiful Irish skin! There she was, with some kind of crest across her chest and vines that will run down her arms and legs and back up again, like a fungus among us. lol. Son has also defiled his body but i can live with a large g cleft on his lower arm. It actually looks ok. But why do these pretty young girls feel the need to cover themselves and didnt anyone ever explain to them about gravity!!!!! That tattoo across those young perky boobs is gonna look pretty bad in years to come.

The other commonality we share is that we have both been visited by this faker called "NE Drama Queen." Song, me and now bitchy. Could you be more obvious!! lol

Its pathetic really. I watched Journey's group go down in flames while certain folks ranted and raved about fake handles and chickens who used same to post things they wouldnt have the guts to post as themselves. And, here they are. Doing just that. I guess "do what i say not what i do" fits very well here.

So, its prolly true that this drama queen is a lonely he/she and needs attention. So, good mornin Ne Drama Queen!! May i suggest a blog, it might give you something to do besides lurking in others.

smartmama 59F

10/4/2005 1:51 pm

I guess it depends upon what you want from AdultFriendFinder. Sometimes you just want anonymity and sex, right? Well, that's me.

After the initial innocence, you realize there are some truly gruesome people who spend 90 per cent of their time in a chat room. Not healthy.

Blogs are great though. I love blogs and blogging.

Bitchy_3 58F

10/6/2005 5:56 am

Miss REALITY, I to am visited regularly by the group known as NE_DramaQueen. Cracks my ass up to see them exercise the very tactics they decried as 'immature' 'childish' blah blah blah. I have invited him/her to feel free and comment in my blog. That remains to be seen. But............
Here's what I am here to say.

Miss REALITY, you are an incredible woman. You have lived a hard life and come out with scars you have every right to be proud of. No one gets out of this world without bearing the marks of life, whether we do it to ourselves or are at the mercy of a 'greater purpose'. Your beauty comes in your acceptance of that for which you can take responsibility and grow from them and impart your wisdom when it can be of help. Not everyone will listen - right now. But your words will ring true in time. If nothing else maybe it will give some people comfort in the future to know that while they may not have listened then, they do know someone who not only survived but rose above. So there will be hope for them.

You are a remarkable woman and I would cherish anytime you chew my ass!

Bitchy_3 58F

10/6/2005 5:58 am

Yeah, and about those tattoos. I had to tell girlchild that eventually her peanutbutter sandwich will become a 12inch peanutbutter sub.

Bitchy_3 58F

10/6/2005 6:01 am

Yeah, about those tattoos. I had to tell Girl Child that eventually her peanutbutter sandwich will become a 12 inch peanutbutter sub.

rm__Reality_ 106F
67 posts
10/6/2005 3:39 pm

MissB, thank you! I so appreciate your kind words.

And trust that I will always speak the truth, even if its an ass chewing!!


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