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Bonnie was Cam's wife for 27 years. He loved her more than life. He called her his "partner in crime," a label that was truer than most know.

The day they got married they got on his harley and "rolled away" to Lake Tahoe where Cam dealt "Texas Hold Em" for twenty years. They lived a life of excess,fun,fights,passion. No children by choice they lived for each other. When they came back to NC and bought a house to settle down, I think they were sad to see that rebellious side of their relationship had turned a page. Cam opened a coin shop in W/S { he was a numismatist, that is an expert in rare coins}and for twelve years they lived a mainstream life.

For a lot of reasons,the coin shop was sold, the house was sold and Cam and Bonnie decided to move to a little island on the infamous coast of NC. They were about halfway moved in to their little rental house when one night while Cam was packing the basement in the house Bonnie went up to the bedroom to make some calls and go to bed. When Cam went up to bed, Bonnie had passed in her sleep. No warning, no symptoms, her heart simply stopped. She was in her early forties.

Cam moved to the island alone. Something was broken inside and he never really recovered.

Was I jealous of this love he held for her? No, of course not!! She was his first love and i loved her memory because she loved him. I have many pictures of her, she was a beautiful woman. She was cremated and interred on the island. He always said he would be beside her when the time came, and i would be on the other side of him. That was a sure symbol of his feelings for me and it was enough.

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