A nip in the air!  

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9/10/2005 7:50 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A nip in the air!

This mornin gives us a hint of whats to come , brrrrrr!!! Gorgeous tho!! I have such a great view from my tenth floor home. The foliage will be spectacular!

Sami stopped by last night and Frog the other day. Nice to welcome friends to my new home.

The wedding is coming up so soon! I think we're all under control tho. Flowers are ordered, cake is underway. Bride's outfit is complete and the Groom is all set. Traditional this isnt, but the kids are very happy and thats all that counts!

My puppy arrives on Wednesday. I cant wait, its been too long that i've gone without a dog. She's a little one, but my life has changed enough that a little one is appropos. Friends and I have been mulling over names. Everyone has a favorite and prolly when puppy arrives she'll "look" like something totally different from anything we've thought of!! She's a parti color black&white minnie/toy Poodle. So far, names suggested are as follows;

Angie,Evie,Fiona,Gracie and the newest and thus far most popular, Diva! Lol, i don't know, she'll name herself by her actions i guess.

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