IN desperate need of sleep, and porbably will be after tongihts as well  

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12/10/2005 6:42 pm

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IN desperate need of sleep, and porbably will be after tongihts as well

Tired, so freakin tired its not even funny. Here's a tip those of you who actually read this blog and have children: CONTROL THEM WHEN YOUR IN A STORE!!! Jeez never seen so many people let their children run around like psychos. ok sorry I work for Wal*Mart, now I know we always have smiles and the customers is always right but man give us a break. I'm not saying everyone does it, but a good majority of people do. That and if you don't want your bread to get smashed, either A.) put it on the conveyor LAST...or B.) Load the Cart yourself. Not my job to make sure you get your bread back perfectly, my job to make sure you get your bread in a timely fashion. Sorry I'll step down off my soapbox for the night, Anywho wow, worked was exhausting not to mention for the past two nights I have been denied sex due to time constraints. And its probably going to happen again tonight, also which sux but just like always Poofis is going to go anyway and im not going to get any sleep out of the whole situation. ARGH why do women have to be soo confusing?? Honestly Ladies if you could give me a reason for this I would love you forever. Honestly, no lie, honest to god truth, forever. Oh well bi-gons, I really need to get laid though, this is getting ridiculous. And on to other news, I'm leaving with my family going to Port Acres on the possibly 16th and 17th for an early Christmas with my Dad's side of the Family. It's going to be sweet free alcohol and no need to drive. HAHA PH33R ME!! Man though a friend of mine tried to hook me up with this girl we work with and to tell the truth I'm somewhat surprised he did. I mean she's gorgeous and I would love to date her, unfortunately she doesn't date white guys because of an unpleasant past relationship hopefully I might be able to get her to change her mind. I dunno. But, now I think i'm starting to ramble on and on and on so Seeing as how im out of things to say, I will just say this.................................

Bye - Zack

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